Monday 4 April 2016

Glasgow Reviewed; 33Dowanhill

Every so often a review opportunity comes along that allows you discover an absolute gem in the Glasgow crown and the newly opened 33Dowanhill is exactly that. The minute I turned the corner in Glasgow’s westend and saw the beautiful cream and gold detailing of the outside, I knew I was about to walk in somewhere special. Greeted by the incredibly warm, and fun and not to mention absolutely glowing, owner Joanna, I was instantly at ease. She has created a peaceful and inviting reception space that is ideal for taking a seat and nattering all things skincare and she was sure to get to grips with how I felt my skin was and what I would like to improve.

photo c/o Andy Bell

I could have sat there chatting for hours, Joanna is so wonderfully friendly and passionate about what she is doing, it was so easy to get lost talking about the well selected range of products she has for sale in the shop as well as the amazing line up of potions she utilises in the facials. What drew me to 33Dowanhill when I first found their Instagram was the brands Jo was a fan of. I have never had a bespoke tailor made facial using some of my favourites before!. Pixi to P50 Via Oskia and Omorovica, she really has picked the crème de la crème and she sure knows how to use them.  From the minute we said hello I was properly staring at her own absolutely stunning skin, she looks incredibly youthful and healthy which is always so key when you are looking for someone to work some magic on your own. I could certainly tell I was going to be in good hands.

photo c/o Andy Bell
I loved Jo's enthusiasm for what she has started in 33Dowanhill, having decided to follow her true passion in life a couple of years ago into this business shows just how committed she is to providing an outstanding service for clients. As an almost 30 something still not sure where their direction in life is, it is always refreshing to hear others who have had the courage to start again and follow their heart. To ensure she is at the top of the game she has traveled from London to Paris and even Thailand to hone the skills she is offering and incorporates all that knowledge into her bespoke facial packages. 

photo c/o Andy Bell
So I might want to pretty much move in with the woman..... but can she work her magic on my skin that was feeling both dry and spotty following an Easter blowout including a very boozy wedding?? Oh yes she can. You know when you read all about celebrities and they reference their own personal facialists and it just makes them sound so glam? That is the level of treatment I feel Jo is offering, by no means your standard facial, this one was next level. I got settled under the heated blanket and from there on in the whole thing is a bit of a beautiful blur, aside from the use of incredible products it is the facial massage Jo studied in Thailand that really sets this apart. It was a joy to experience and I could literally feel the stress in my face melting away, this extends to a beautiful head and shoulder massage as a mask gets to work too. 

With a touch of BB cream and blusher the morning after. Glowy healthy skin!
When it was time to come out from my warm cocoon I was actually excited to see how my face looked as I knew that level of attention was going to have made a big difference and it really did. My skin was just unbelievably soft and hydrated while all the puffiness had gone and left a far more bright and toned appearance. I felt miles fresher too regardless of the hailstorm I was about to walk out into!! Gutted as I was to leave the 33Dowanhill haven, I was over the moon to unearthed a new top spot to recommend to people looking for a superb and skilled pampering. 

Prices for a 60 minute personalised facial start from are £68 and I love that she has also included an extra care option which is ideal for anyone needing a fragrance free experience. Pure ranges are used which makes it ideal for someone who is undergoing medical treatment or are pregnant or breastfeeding- she is a thoughtful lady that is for sure. She is even doing a damn good job of keeping up the blog part of her site with some super handy and well written posts of her own, worth checking out for tips from a pro!

You can contact Joanna on 0141 258 3069 or visit the facebook page here

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