Wednesday 2 March 2016

Edinburgh Reviewed: Guinot Eye Logic at Chamomile Sanctuary

Hen do’s are loads of fun with their gossiping, bubbles and laughter but for me they also mean I get zero sleep! As someone who struggles with this area generally, weekends away in strange surroundings mean I sleep even less which leaves me looking pretty zombified after a couple of nights. Just recently I was helping organise the big event for one of my oldest pals and in the run up I was sleeping less just with trying to get so much done, never mind the not resting when it actually came around.

It was ideal for me when Chamomile Sanctuary Spa ( my absolute relaxation haven!) invited me along to try their latest treatment, Eye Logic, that uses Guinot products and technology. I quickly realised this would be ideal to try out on as a post hen recovery and boy was I glad I did it! The event itself was a great success but as suspected I slept very little and was left with incredibly puffy and dark eyes which I could do without. So off I set to the west end of Edinburgh to see what they could do....

Welcomed as always by the really friendly team there, I practically fell asleep on the plush waiting room couches, It was definitely unwind time. I managed to get myself to get into my comfy gown and slippers and enjoy a green tea in the lovely relaxation room ahead of the treatment,  I then went to get ready on the bed with a quick consultation before hand to chat through what the 45 mins involves and what all it was going to do for my sleepy appearance. Designed to increase firmess, decrease wrinkles and completely rejuvenate the eye contour, I was hoping to leave literally bright eyed. Going through the process I had no doubt it was going to deliver thanks to the cooling eye massage using the Guinot electrodesI have experienced in the past. This helps drain puffiness  and decongest the pesky dark circles  while helping to smooth away lines.

This is done while you are enjoying a cooling eye gel too and it made for a really relaxing and refreshing experience. The massage is not at all painful just enough to really feel the fragile eye area is getting the attention it deserves. A special eye mask is then applied that is soaked in a skin repair serum and while that is soaking in you are treated to a lovely hand and arm massage- heaven!

After the treatment was over I instantly felt so lifted! I could see right away how much more youthful and rested I looked, the huge bags had gone down and I just looked more energized,
I was interested to learn the bluish colour of my dark circles could be helped with increasing the circulation which is exactly what the massage had down so I can imagine the results from a small course of the treatments. I felt so much more confident leaving the spa after the Eye logic, I can see it being such a popular experience, it is the antidote to a post Netflix binge appearance??

For £50 this is one of the most effective treatments I have actually tried, I can really imagine how useful it would be to so many age groups. You can do the course of three for £135, it could be the perfect Mother's Day gift this year, I know mine would love it! 

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