Tuesday 9 February 2016

Gifts with Gant

Gant has ended up on my radar numerous times since the end of last year. Going from always seeking it out when charity shopping as I know their pieces are superb quality, to actively perusing the site and lusting after their vast range of goodies from work wear to boots to scents.

Their sale has some amazing bits that I am dying to nab for me, especially in the footwear department. I know gifts for other people should really come first, but it is important to treat yo'self!

Just look at those practical yet stylish Ashley boots? the full knee length classic shape of the Avery aint too shabby either mind you. For the day to day black boots never see me wrong so the Chelsea style of the Lisa would be ideal, although I love the flash of gold hardware on the Laura too. I am  a a flat shoe gal so the comfort mixed with the smart style of the Kathryn shoe is also on my lust list.

Although with Love day lurking around the corner and numerous male birthdays in the first part of the year, I have to get it into my head that now is not the time to be shopping for me. I was sent their male fragrance* to try and I am besotted with it. Yes Ally will get to use it…. But I am a longstanding fan of masculine scents for women and this is a total beauty. With inspiration from the sea salt with woody notes of ships mixed with fresh elements of coriander and  lavender, and a bottle designed to be like wicker baskets from old sailing ships, this is a stunning aftershave that I cannot get enough of and would make a beautiful gift. Ally is pretty particular when it comes to aftershave and what he likes to wear ( he has mega sensitive skin so it has to be worth it!)  He was incredibly impressed with this, “ it smells very expensive” was his first impression which I thought was really bang on. coming in at £35 for 50ml this has a really air of quality with it that makes it such a nice gift.

The menswear sale also has a boat load of strong gift ideas for the man in your life. Dads, boyfriends, brothers or pals there is definitely a quality choice for them in there.

I am a big fan of the Forrest green lambswool scarf ( definitely one to pinch for myself), Ally has been in the market for a Khaki jacket for ages and this 'The Mist' jacket could be the one. I am head over heels for the Donegal textured jumper and the Melange tie with its wool and silk blend is properly dreamy.

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