Friday 6 November 2015

Time to get cosy

Two pairs of feet in socks in front of a roaring fire
photo c/o Thinkbox
I love reading articles that are all about learning how people in other countries and cultures live and how it might differ from the life I experience here in Scotland. One of my favourite recent ones I read was all about the concept of Hygge and I haven’t been able to get it out my head since. A Danish word actually pronounced “hoo-ga” that pretty much translates to Cosiness and originates from a Norwegian word meaning wellbeing, it is a way of life to many Danish people. Due to their long cold winters, the people there really focus on the cosiness aspect of the word and really celebrate entertaining at home by getting family and friends together for a nice candle lit meal or just snuggling up on the couch with a good book and really enjoying it. The main idea is about relaxing and feeling as at home as possible- isn’t that just gorgeous??

the gang getting our Christmas Hygge on last year

I have thought about the idea of it a lot lately as Autumn is my favourite season and I actually think this idea of snuggling in for winter is part of the reason. As soon as the nights grow shorter my pals and I usually congregate on a Saturday night in my flat with a heap of junk food, some candles lit and a bit of wine and rubbish tv to scorn and it is pretty perfect. Of course it could always be made better by a fancy 4K TV and some better contestants on the X Factor but even without, it still is the perfect way to save some pennies and enjoy each others company while riding out the rubbish weather.  Usually I am hard on myself and sometimes think we shouldn’t be in hibernating like this or spending wet Sundays curled up in bed binge watching Netflix but seeing how much other cultures might celebrate this practice has made me want to do the same. I shall unashamedly be spending some of my winter weekends ‘in’ and totally loving it.

What do you do to make your surroundings cosy come the darker months?
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