Thursday 1 October 2015

Mirelle Activewear Leggings

If you missed my post all about the wonder woman that has created an amazing active wear line ( and lives right here in Glasgow) then you can catch up here. Since then I have been putting two of the Mirelle Activewear pieces through their paces in the last couple of weeks and can happily report that these beauties perform as well as they look. On first glance I was super impressed with the sheer quality of the fabrics used and the cut of the design, when I got them in I could not believe the  difference between these and the ones I had worn that very morning to the gym. Although I spend a lot of my time in gym gear for various activities, I have never really spent much on that wardrobe and honestly did not realise what paying a little more  might get me in terms of comfort, durability and actually confidence and motivation too!

We managed to at least get one serious pic....
First up was the Acqua legging and I was quick to give it the old DOES IT GO SEE THROUGH IF I SQUAT test, and that is when I knew we were on to a winner- there will be no bum showing through these bad boys. They are thick and tough to the touch but still feeling incredibly supported and light on, these leggings are not mucking about. Serious sports performance but with beautiful style, the Acqua leggings are made from incredibly breathable spandex that along with its hydrophilic finish that absorbs and disperses moisture means there are perfect  for workouts. This design incorporates a compression fabric that provides amazing support  and they are not cut super low on the body so give a solid amount of support to the torso and handily don’t give that dreaded camel toe effect either! The mint coloured panels give you a wonderfully sleek silhouette and the fabric really sculpts the body and  adds to a super shapely fit that genuinely makes me feel much better than my previous ill-fitting ones. Looking in the mirror and seeing your clothes really giving you that strong shape is a real motivator for me to push myself more which is a definite plus when you are strength training like I have been in recent months. 

The action shot!
It has been pretty hard to pry me out of the Acqua since they arrived but I handily also sent a different pair to test out too which have been the perfect complement. Much as I am fully addicted to the shape the first pair give me- I don’t always require full compression bottoms when I am out and about such as my yin yoga class, or just a spot of Urban Adventuring with Ally. The light fabric of the ethnic print legging is absolutely perfect for this as they provide a spot of thermal comfort  while still being breathable, flexible and really soft to the touch. These have been my total go-to bottoms as they unbelievably comfortable never mind flattering with their high waist design and best of all- fun to look at. Who says sports wear should be boring?? Built with that same attention to detail, these leggings are just dreamy to wear and have been my perfect yoga bottoms, and as with the Acqua print they are easy care, easy wash and easy drying too which is ideal. These ones are only £34 in the sale right now so I would grab them while you can!

I am so glad Mirelle has shown me the light when it comes to finding decent gear that will actually last as it withstands multiple washes and lots of different types of activity. I have built up quite the wish list from her collection and my next top picks are definately the Penna Light Leggings in the most amazing feather print and the super stylish Mesh Top. Working out will never be frumpy again!

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