Monday 19 October 2015

Introducing; the Trtl Napscarf

Everyone at my work is used to me having all sorts delivered to the office, not a week goes by there isn't something unusual looking arriving at my desk that invites lots of questions from my colleagues. Nothing has ever piqued as much interest however as my latest purchase, the TRTL ( pronounced Turtle) travel pillow. The team at TRTL have actually been on my radar for some time as they have appeared on a BBC documentary on the amazing entrepreneurship centre Espark located right here in Glasgow and not only that but they have appeared on one of my fave programmes- Dragon's Den!

napping in extreme comfort
Why all this attention you are wondering?? well the clever cookies have only gone and completely redesigned the travel pillow and my god have they done a good job. I have so many memories of sharing around the silly little blow up pillow with my brothers when we were going on long distance journeys when we were younger, and even when I did get a shot it never failed to be super uncomfortable anyway or just slowly start to deflate!!

As a grown up I never even thought to try and use one- the idea of actually blowing one up
 seemed too embarrassing and the filled cushion style ones just took up too much space to cart about. Without one the next obvious option was....Ally, and essentially using the poor boy as a travel pillow who gets the pleasure of me clambering all over him to try and get comfy in the hope of catching a few zzzz's when we are going adventuring. With so many cheaper airlines now charging to even get to sit next to each other I had been once again scuppered however as utilising a stranger for a pillow just seemed a  step too far. Funnily enough the night before my TRTL actually arrived, Ally returned from a short flight for work and he laughed as he got in the door as not just one but both of the strangers he was sat between had promptly fallen asleep on his shoulder. NIGHTMARE.

You can imagine his excitement then when I produced the ultimate in travel luxury, the Trtl nap scarf. Designed with a love of travelling and a sense of adventure in mind, the scarf has been designed by a duo of mechanical engineers who wanted to make a more comfortable experience and boy have they got that right. This little beauty just wraps around your neck and provides a perfect little napping 'ledge' for you to rest your head on. The strengthened ribs provide the head and neck support while the super soft fleece provide serious comfort. Being able  to have the scarf element over your mouth while napping is handy addition and the perfect for any droolers ( sorry!) or wide mouth snoozers out there! What a joy for all the poor strangers that have had to witness my sleeping face in the past....

 Ally ripped it out my hands and promptly fell asleep which was a massive thumbs up from him. My colleagues all gave it the once over too and it was a resounding success for them with 4 orders going in right away for Christmas presents for people. It has been pure TRTL madness since it arrived!
I coincidentally booked flights to NY for my birthday next year just a couple of days after finding the  pillow ( I blame this spontaneous expense on them!) and I can tragically admit I am looking forward to such a long flight just so I can put this little beauty to good use.

only £20?? WHAT A BARGAIN!
You can order the pillow direct from the website ( with free delivery) or they are also available on Amazon priced a super reasonable £19.95. Join the TRTL revolution today and travel in comfort for evermore. It is available in black, grey, red and a super cute coral version too.

Sleep well and Dream Big indeed.

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