Wednesday 20 May 2015

Edinburgh Reviewed; The Hydratight facial at Beyond Medispa

Any facial that is created to combine the knockout benefits of two tried and tested formulas sounds like a total  winner and that was exactly what was in store for me at the weekend as I headed along to the Beyond Medispa in Edinburgh. Following on from the success of the Hydrafacial ( which you can read all about my experience here) and the Protege Elite facial, the Hydratight has been created to incorporate both to allow for the ultimate skin rejuvenating treatment. The Elite offers long lasting wrinkle reduction using radio frequency technology to stimulate collagen and improve skin texture, while the Hydrafacial on the other hand utlised powerful jets of cooling water to remove dead skin cells and treat the skin to a cocktail of serums designed to dramatically increase the skins hydration levels and reveal clearer, brighter skin. Now both of those separately are what so many of us are in need of so the of combination of the two is absolutely magic and I was chomping at the bit to give it a whirl.

Settling into the lovely surroundings of the Beyond Medispa hidden away in the shopping utopia of Harvey Nichols, I was ready for them to turn my skin around. Thanks to a fraught couple of weeks working on the General Election, my skin was looking tired, congested and generally flat- so I was hoping for a miracle that could get me back on track and with these facials having celeb fans in Beyonce and Eva Mendes, I was pretty sure this might just be that miracle. My therapist Sharon was fantastic at talking me through the procedure and was sure to prepare me on what to expect. The Protege element of the facial involves using heat so it was great to know to expect it from the outset. Starting with lymphatic drainage which helps detoxify the skin and remove dead skin cells, the treatment uses water and a vacuum based tip which is gentler on the skin than more abrasive micro dermabrasions. Performing the treatment this way also means the skin is receiving much more hydration which contributes to giving the skin a plumper, healthier look.

We then moved on to the Protege Elite element where Sharon applied a thick cool gel to my neck area and then ran  a heated device slowly and repeatedly over portions of my skin at a time. Although the system does get very warm, you are still relaxed and comfy throughout and I didn't find it too bad at all. there was the odd twinge where the frequency was near the fillings I have but it wasn't sore more just a quick snap feeling. This heated portion of the facial works to disrupt the collagen fibres and encourage the cells to create more resulting in tighter, more youthful looking skin. Billed as the most advanced skin tightening treatment in the world, Sharon filled me in on the different areas this cutting edge technology can actually be used on, and the success she has seen clients get from it. We chatted as she continued to move the device up the jaw line and onto the cheeks and before I knew it it was time to move on to the last portion of the facial. Using the specially designed vortex fusion tip again, my skin was treated to a concoction of serums filled with antioxidants, peptides and glorious hyaluronic acid  to replenish my skin and leave it feeling super... well, juicy! We finished off with a little red light technology that helps reduce redness and further promote the stimulation of new collagen and then a layer of SPF and I was good to go.

These facials although perfectly relaxing to have done are not designed to be all aromatherapy and candles, but instead to work the skin to deliver real tangible results and that is exactly what they do. My skin was incredibly bright and smooth following treatment, the difference with only one  was very visible so I can only imagine the results when booking in for a course. I was delighted to get to try out this futuristic feeling facial, and my skin is certainly thankful for it.

You can contact the Edinburgh Beyond Medispa on 0131 524 8332

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