Thursday 27 November 2014

Glasgow Reviewed; The Thalgo Facial at Shining Beauty

I see a good facial much like a performance, elements need to work together to create the overall experience and this is exactly what I got when trying the Thalgo facial at the new West End salon, Shining Beauty. Gill has created a superb multi-functional space that feels clean, calm and indulgent- everything I am looking for when out for some pampering! I have never experienced Thalgo products before but I knew we would get on seeing as they are marine based products and anything along those lines I tend to find comforting and relaxing and they certainly delivered that whilst also giving me a beautifully soft and bright complexion.

I got myself settled into the treatment room that feels a world away from the busy Dumbarton Road that lies outside and was impressed from the clean yet inviting lines of the room to the sumptuous feel of the blankets I was nestled under. With the lights dimmed and some gorgeous music playing ( none of your standard panpipes here) Gill got under way with the facial. here is where the performance element really comes together, with the music and atmosphere working with her skilled application of the products and additional indulgent moments such as the use of hot towels and aromatic misting sprays, this whole treatment feels far more 'expensive' than the £45-55 price tag.

The products felt super fresh but still luxurious on the skin which is no wonder considering the research behind them. Thalgo are the undisputed experts in marine based skincare and contain multiple active ingredients that are extracted with a strict commitment to nature and the brands ecological footprint.  I was impressed to learn afterwards that all the products she used come in at a fantastic price point, from the gorgeous  Purity Cleansing Milk at  £19.90 to the moisture filled Hydra Marine concentrate at £39.50, they felt so indulgent I was sure they were going to be way out of my league!

The Thalgo facials at Shining Beauty are a truly gorgeous sensory experience that is delivered at a superb price. The results from the products were excellent and it left me with results beyond clear and bright looking skin, I left feeling 'floaty' and rested which led to a wonderful nights sleep which is a real bonus.

You can contact the salon on 0141 237 7230

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