Friday 3 October 2014

Glasgow Reviewed; Elanic Cosmetic and Plastic Surgery

I am overjoyed when any opportunity to go along and chat to like minded skincare enthusiasts comes along so I was absolutely in my element when an invite to head along and check out the luxury health and beauty clinic, Elanic, popped into my inbox. Located on Bath Street right in Glasgow city centre, Elanic offers a wealth of services both surgical and non-surgical, and has some incredibly knowledgeable and passionate staff to boot. A bright and airy reception welcomed me on arrival and clinic Manager Ashleigh gave me the tour- I was instantly impressed with set up that Elanic has on offer. I had no idea you could have a procedure such as liposuction or breast augmentation right there in a clinic, move through to a comfortable recovery room and then head on home to rest up there! I was blown away by the facilities they have on offer and was so intrigued by some of the procedures that they can provide.

Although right now plastic surgery is not something I am considering I was so impressed with the approach the staff at Elanic and the plastic surgeon ( and owner ) Vivek, take. Using an incredibly state of the art Vectra XT System, Vivek was able to show me the incredible differences surgical procedures can do for people The first clinic in Scotland to offer this technology, this 3d body scanner allows potential clients to assess the possible results before making their final decisions. The scanner allows for a high resolution 3d image which can then be manipulated in countless ways to give an idea of what changes will look like, this is invaluable to allow people to make better decisions when it comes to surgery. I was blown away by the quality of images it produces and watching Vivek manipulate them in a whole manner of ways, was an eye opening experience. The difference that can be made in such small changes was really incredible so I can only imagine how amazing this  cutting-edge service is to someone seriously considering procedures.

If it is more a non surgical route you are considering, then Elanic really does have it all. From the incredibly impressive sounding ILipo treatments ( I saw some superb before and after shots) to peels and fillers,  the staff here are so passionate about what they are providing that you can guarantee a superb service. I was thrilled to get chatting to staff about the health side of things and it was encouraging to hear how knowledgeable they were about things such as general nutrition which is so important in educating clients to help better their overall results. I was given a go on the clinics Visia scanner which is a clever piece of kit that takes a UV photograph of your face and can then analyse the sun damage, wrinkles and pores and general condition of your skin under neath the surface. Your consultant can then analyse the results and make recommendations for how to treat your true problem areas to ultimately improve your skin 'age'. Now as a beauty blogger who has worked hard over the past couple of years to turn her skincare regime round, thanks to my pigmentation issues my skin still came out of the Visia at a real age of 39! Not music to my 28 year old ears....

There is hope though in the form of 3 Skinceutical products which the therapist specially picked to treat my issues. I was so exciting to get them home and get trying them out- I can't wait to go back to the clinic in 3 months time and see if they can help bring that skin age down!

Following my skin analysis I was lucky enough to get to sit down for a chat with resident dermatologist Dr Girish Gupta who was an absolute pleasure to chat all things skin with. I have only ever seen an NHS dermatologist before and although good there was absolutely a very restricted amount of time and options on offer and there was also a very considerable wait period which makes the service at Elanic a super option.  You can go to Dr Gupta to discuss everything from acne to worrying moles ( he is a leading dermatologist on skin cancers in Scotland) to lumps, bumps and rashes and he is an absolute delight to chat to.

A host of thank you cards that all spoke so highly of the team
I was really impressed with the care Elanic take in helping their clients get the most out of themselves, their approach isn't a hard sell at all and you can feel their genuine shared interest in improving lives. I loved getting the chance to chat skin with the staff in the clinic and really had my eyes opened to a world of choices I didn't even know existed!  I was so excited to get home and get my skinceuticals products that I think I was practically running. I am trying out an antioxidant treatment that so many of the staff absolutely raved about, and a couple of products to help my fresh pigmentation woes so hopefully I will see some good results on my next visit.

 I can highly recommend going along to meet the exceptional staff at Elanic if you are considering treatments and want to know more. You can contact the team on 0141 332 5106

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