Tuesday 4 March 2014

Glasgow Reviewed: Microneedling at La Belle Forme

By now you will no doubt have seen me shouting from the rooftops about my amazing experience with laser therapy at La Belle Forme in Glasgow. My time with the clinic was not done there however as after leaving my skin to recover for a few weeks I was then booked in for stage two of treating my skin issues, namely my uneven skin thanks to my melasma among some other niggles.

Having been so blown away with the changes in not only the appearance but the texture of my skin following laser therapy, I was incredibly excited to see what this next stage could do. I was provided with two small samples of vitamin A cream prior to my appointment to get my skin ready. I did experience a little over-stimulation using these but I had been pre-warned to cease using them if this occurred and allow my skin a break, which I did and it quickly returned to normal.

On the day of my appointment Norma walked me through the process of microneedling and the benefits it would bring about to my skin. They would be using a roller with 1.5mm needles ( a length that can only be used by a therapist in a clinic) which would be rolled across my skin in numerous directions ( think of a union jack design) which creates lots of little skin traumas on the face which encourages the skin to create more elastin and collagen which once healed can bring a rejuvenation to the skin.

To get us underway Norma first applied a thick white numbing cream all over the face and left it to kick in for around 20 minutes. Another therapist Caroline then joined us to get the treatment underway and I was genuinely shocked when I couldn't feel the needles at all when she began, the numbing cream is a real miracle worker. She worked the roller quickly across the entirety of the face, making sure to work over my problem areas a couple of times- the pressure does create blood to the surface for the skin which is quickly wiped away and at this point you still cant feel anything so it is all relatively fuss free!

In a couple of areas I could feel the needles a little but it is over so quickly it wasn't anything you can't take. I was so shocked at how quickly and painlessly the whole procedure was, i was totally expecting it to be quite painful! For my upper lip they used a derma stamp which is a much smaller head that is powered automatically and gets into the smaller areas. Just like the roller this was pain-free thanks to the numbing and also over quickly.

Afterwards a beautiful cooling menthol mask is applied to calm the skin while they talk you through any aftercare, and then a soothing rescue balm was applied to my face to leave on for the rest of the day. At this point the numbing cream had worn off but I wasn't left in any direct pain at all. When they showed me my face in the mirror it wasn't a major shock, I was a pink, kind of a sun-burnt shade all over and with lines on my forehead that made me look a little 'hellraiser' shall we say but considering how much blood had come to the surface it was not as horrific as I thought it might be and I was actually quite happy to head back on to the street among the crowds of shoppers and head home. No one screamed from my appearance certainly and it went down quicker than i thought it would. The next day I applied a little more of the balm and left my face make up free, it was still a little pink and my forehead still lined but it had gone down considerably and by the Monday I could cover it with make up fine. My skin felt a little rough for a couple of days afterwards and definitely required some intensive moisture but it passed quickly and without any major problems. I did notice a few spots breakout which given the time of year could have been all the quality street I was consuming- but I do think was a result of the heavy moisture I was applying.

After settling down I was thrilled with how my skin looks. You are recommended to have three sessions which I can imagine does absolute miracles but even after just one my skin was definitely happy. It is now 6 weeks since my treatment and I wanted to wait that long to really assess the results as it usually takes that long to see what the microneedling can really do. I am blown away by how my skin now looks thanks to the laser session and this, in the first post on La Belle Forme ( which I started just after the treatment in November) I wrote that it felt weird to have my make up off in public as its just something I never really did. It felt so strange to read that back as in the time since then I have gone out and about at the weekends without makeup on countless times- that might not seem much to some who are used to it, but I was so embarrassed by my uneven skin I just didn't have the confidence to do it. now it is a completely different story, I am truly proud of how good my skin is looking that I have no problems heading out without a scrap of make up on.
I genuinely did not expect such amazing tangible results from these treatments, they have absolutely boosted my confidence and made my skin feel fresher, younger and of course clearer, I wouldn't hesitate to do it all again.

You can get in touch with the amazing team at the clinic by calling 0141 552 0828 they also have branches all over the UK which you can find on their website here.

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