Tuesday 13 August 2013

A pre festival pamper with Guerlain

Just a quick post to fill you in on my gorgeous stop off at the Guerlain Spa on the way to the Fringe on Saturday. For £65 their festival  pamper treatment truly is the best way to kick off any visit, I was left relaxed but invigorated- a little buzz from some fizz and some seriously gorgeous hot pink on talons. I was ready for anything!

The experience starts with a scent journey, based on your mood and how you want to feel afterwards  your therapist gets you to pick a scent that is then placed in your room and incorporated into your treatments. I wanted to feel invigorated, confident and ready for a day of shows so my therapist helped me to pick out Idylle as my scent. She explained to me the bottle was designed so that if you look at it upside down it has the sexiness of a woman's high heel, I loved that little touch and like many Guerlain products there is a fabulous story that goes with it.

I was taken to change into my robes ( truly the softest thing you will ever feel- seriously) and taken into my treatment room, all prepared with my chosen scent. My therapist Jennifer talked me through the treatment while I enjoyed a relaxing foot bath and she explained the movements behind the Caledonian Chic massage that are used. The therapists here actually created this routine and each of the moves had a real amount of thinking and history involved which is something I have never experienced before. Pulling on Scottish inspiration moves included one based on the pattern of tartan, one based on historical use of the Caledonain Waldorf Hotel itself and one themed around our weather- rain! It was fascinating to learn how much had gone in to putting this routine together, offering the perfect blend of both relaxing but also deeper movements to ensure your are really experiencing the benefits of massage therapy.

For half an hour Jennifer really worked some magic on my badly knotted back and I was in utter bliss. The atmosphere in the room is just divine, twinned with those well thought out and balanced moves you are left feeling absolutely incredible. I felt so much stress disappear and it really brought my focus to relaxing and enjoying our adventure. I was then taken for an on the go manicure, picking a beautiful pop of pink from Leighton Denny to brighten up my hands, Jennifer expertly evened out my nails which had been a huge mess while I enjoyed a relaxing glass of bubbly. To allow my nails to dry, I then made my self comfortable in the spa's gorgeous relaxation room, enjoyed a cup of green tea and a magazine before getting dressed and heading off into the hustle and bustle of the Edinburgh Fringe. In an hour and a half I had gone from a sleepy ball of stress to calm, relaxed and excited to get going and enjoy everything there is to see in the busy city. I absolutely adored the treatment here, it has been so well thought out to allow you to get the most out of a stay, I highly recommend giving it a try.

Thanks as always to the super lovely team at the Guerlain Spa for having me.

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