Tuesday, 15 November 2016


Lets journey back to a simpler, less stressful time shall we? back when I had only just decided to flog my flat and buy a home that needs a huge overhaul and when my life wasn't a sea of tiny but impactful decisions daily. My skin was fresher, I bothered with some actual grooming and was blissfully whiling away my time catching up on blogs and actually seeing pals- heaven!! Back to the here and now and I am still living in between places ( thanks to a super generous cousin letting us crash) and I am so over  having none of my things around me and that includes my stash of skincare to trial and my usual products too. Safe to say my skin has taken quite the hit in this time and it was really bothering me, lucky for me back when i started out on this journey I had met up with the unbelievably fabulous Laura from Diecem skincare to chat all about the launches the associated brands had coming up. Now Diecem might not quite ring bells with you right away but no doubt you have heard of  Niod, Hylamide and the most recent line which has caused a HUGE buzz, The Ordinary

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Behind all these products is the genius that is Brandon Truaxe formerly of Indeed Labs ( who happened to make some of my favourite skincare products.... until now!) he is a skincare genius and seems to have an unending amount of ideas of what products people were crying out for, and covering all different price brackets too. I had first heard of Niod through the fabulous Glasgow Facialist Joanna of 33 Dowanhill fame, and her skin is utterly beautiful so I knew i needed some of what she was having.

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Laura from Deciem walked me through some of their key products and I was drawn to the complex and considered ingredient list for each, there was no doubt Niod with its sleek and high end packaging, was something special and I am SO excited to give a couple of their star products a go when I get back to my house and back to a proper routine! I swear my skin is crying out for the copper isloate I have heard so much about.

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Another string to Brandon's bow was one I instantly recognised from eyeing them up in Boots thanks to their clean looking labels and decent price point. Hylamide products fit in the middle end of the spectrum and include some amazing sounding finishing products designed to be ideal for photography which of course as a blogger sounds seriously dreamy.

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It didn't stop there either Brandon has it all covered from The popular  Fountain Hydraluron Molecule designed to treat the skin from the inside out, to the Hand chemistry range that will have your paws super silky.There really was just so much quality product to cover. Now since that meeting, Deciem have released their line that right now feels to be taking over the world. I am of course talking about The Ordinary which truly is the most exciting launch of products I have ever seen. The level of ingredients that Brandon has compiled in this range and at completely unheard or prices is just phenomenal and from what I am experiencing while a try a couple of them out- they really deliver. I will get a full review of various bits and bobs up soon, but if you haven't checked out the amazing brands that all fall under Deciem and you are a skincare fan, then I would get familiar pronto.

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