Friday, 22 July 2016


Long term readers will know I suffer from pigmentation so protecting my skin is super important ( as it is for anyone of course!) but I am always with an SPF of some kind. When the sun really shines, which handily it actually has here in Glasgow this year, I am sure to use the highest SPF possible. The issue with this is however is the higher the number of protection, the thicker and more clogging I usually find the product which is a nightmare! I was hideously over excited then at a recent Body Shop blogger event with the fab team at the Sauchiehall Street branch, I learnt all about their new Skin Defence SPF 50, high UVA and UVB protection in a light cream that was under £20? I was all over that.

Described as an essence, this 40ml tube is definitely a  total winner in my eyes, it is incredibly light to both apply and wear thanks to its milky consistency, it soaks in beautifully and doesn't make my skin horrifically shiny later in the day which is what usually happens. I was super impressed that my make up lay perfectly over the top ( I hate that bobbling effect you sometimes get!) and it didn't leave any kind of strong white residue that many creams do. I cannot tell you how many strong SPFS I have actually tried out in recent years,  and anything worth using has always been so expensive which makes this ideal. My other usual issue is the thickness blocks my skin up something rotten and gives me mega spots which I was apprehensive about with this too, but the different consistency has meant it has given me no issues which is amazing.

In all this has been an incredible addition to my routine, it is so refreshing to find such a good protection in such a  light formulation. Being able to pick it up freely from a high street shop with the ethical approach to products that The Body Shop has  is an even bigger bonus.

This is one to check out ASAP, keep your skin safe this summer!

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