Friday, 11 December 2015

Best of Christmas

I am way behind on being ready for Christmas this year and if there is one person who could end up being left out totally it is my long suffering other half, Ally. I usually get so carried away buying bits and bobs for lots of other people that I just let him just pick out what he is after which is not exactly spontaneous. This year I am determined to do it differently though and actually find him some things he would really love as there has been lots of emails coming in from various brands that are totally gorgeous, I really have no excuse! So here are a few of the most exciting items that have caught my eye.

I am always a sucker for watches and even though Ally used to hate wearing one before he has finally gotten into them, albeit with a dedication to his old school casio! I would love to get him something a bit more fancy looking and have a couple in mind. I was really impressed with the look of the new Kochiba watches which are a perfect mix for me of a strong charitable ethos and seriously cool design. Designed here in Scotland using a mixture of quality woods, Kochiba watches are dedicated to giving back  by donating a small amount of profits to Womankind, with African roots the designers wanted to support education of woman across the world which is incredibly special. They have some absolutely gorgeous wooden designs- there is more than one on my personal wish list currently!

Gant is a brand that I am always drawn to when I am out second hand shopping as I always associate them with quality. Until recently I had never actually checked out their current season line up and I am so glad! I did I picked up one of their gorgeous leather belts recently which Ally is currently obsessed with, so would love to get him a pair of the stunning leather gloves they have in just now. (Never mind how much I want one of their stunning Herringbone bags for myself.... HI SANTA!)

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Next up is my total passion for all things Harris Tweed, I just love the stuff and think it makes really gorgeous gifts and Catherine Aitken's range is so spot on. Beautiful, modern designs and extremely well made-I got my brother one of the toilet bags for his birthday last year and I think I might just need to make another purchase as I know Ally totally covets it.

 I cant resist just including a bit of Bonnie Bling because basically, I heart Bonnie. I got a few bits from her this year for various presents including some super fresh tartan cufflinks,  It is the booze coasters that I just keep coming back to though and I think this is just the year to make the purchase. They are perfect for so many people I know!!

Hope something there was useful for other who are in the throws of last minute shopping, their was so many good bits to choose from it was hard to narrow it down so definitely something there for everyone!

Happy Shopping!

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