Friday, 11 September 2015

Introducing; Mirelle Activewear

Seeing as a lot of my spare time involves exercise in some form these days, from walking to and from work to hitting the weights in the gym to stretching it all out in a hot yoga class, it is safe to say I am in gym gear quite a bit. I never thought I would be a gym bunny type but actually it is now where I feel at my most relaxed, and also energetic and if I could I would just wander around in a good pair of leggings and vest all day long, I would- something about it feels so freeing to me!

Finding decent gym gear however has definitely been a learning curve, from proper fitting sports bra's to leggings that are not essentially see through, to actually finding stuff that lasts regular use, I have overspent on some seriously under performing bits. My fitness prayers were answered recently though when I met Mirelle from Mirelle Activewear who just recently moved here to Glasgow and happens to own a seriously stylish, durable and quality active wear line of her own. Using some amazing fabrics to ensure the highest performance from her products, Brazilian born Mirelle has put a lot of work into finding the best materials for the gym and combining them with some slick design.

I cannot tell you how much the instant difference in quality was between the leggings I took out of the package and the pair I had been wearing just that morning. it was unbelievable! I will be popping up a full post once I have put them through their paces but I couldn't wait to share my new secret in the mean time, you can check out the full range ( and fab sale) here. You can even sign up to get 15% off your first order too!


  1. Does she have a shop or stall anywhere? I'm an odd size for leggings, (aka huge thighs, tiny waist), so prefer to try stuff on!

    1. I hear you! she has her stuff in achilles heel on Great Western road- so worth a try there :) xx


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