Monday, 10 August 2015

Introducing: Windle and Moodie

I am terrible for being a bit of  a 'wash 'n' goer' when it comes to my hair,  I never really give it any of the attention I would give my skincare or makeup routine, so I have been making a conscious effort recently to pay it a bit more attention. Handily for me some info landed in my inbox about a new hair care line from a couple of serious hair pro's that really caught my eye.

 Windle and Moodie are huge on the London hairdressing scene, with 26 years in their Covent Garden salon- the duo have a prestigious client list that have inspired them to produce their own hair care line. that is seriously impressive. Featuring 15 styling products and 7 shampoos, conditioners and masques, the Windle and Moodie product line incorporates their years of experience into substantial, hard-working pieces that I was really excited to get started with. Taking inspiration from their editorial and fashion heritage these products have evolved from Neil and Paul's incessant curiosity and pursuit of innovation. One of the new products was even born  from the 2010 Volcanic Ash Cloud as Paul was in Iceland at the time and was fascinated on the instant transformation the ash had on their hair! It is no wonder their products like this are up for some serious industry awards this year.

It is not often I have a shampoo that I am proud to have sitting out in the bathroom but the Fortifying Treatment shampoo looks really luxurious and is super handy with its pump nozzle. Fortified with rooibos and wheat protein, this little beauty was promising me volume and thickness and has definitely delivered,  I have absolutely loved using it.

Something I was aware I needed was a good intensive treatment masque to use regularly so this was the first product I couldn't wait to get using. Infused with green tea and  antioxidants alongside cocoa butter to help nourish and give me shine, this was a total joy to use. After shampooing I have combed this through and left it for a good 15 minutes as an intensive hit ( can also be just left for a couple of minutes for more regular use) and it has left my hair in sensational condition. I never actually wear my hair fully down- but after using this is just felt so luscious and silky that I just left it natural which was a massive change for me, colleagues commented on its silky appearance too which was nice. This is ideal for me getting my hair ready for my upcoming holiday and I know it will be perfect for treating the damage when I get back too!

Styling wise- the first product that caught my eye on the site was the Matte Texture Spray which is an absolute must for me- I normally HATE my hair freshly washed, and much prefer it with a bit of grit, texture and volume which is exactly what the Matte Texture Spray delivers. Neil Moodie describes this bad boy as his best friend on shoots- and i can see why. This stuff is the perfect weightless spray to give my hair that boost, without weighing it down or making it at all greasy.

I have always wanted to find a good salt-based spray to give me the tousled natural waves I crave, but I have been left disappointed countless times never mind wasted loads of cash. Despite my hesitations the Oceanic Spray is a real beauty- designed to moisturise and strengthen as well as giving me that' undone' effect this spray doesn't dry my hair out at all which has been the issue with versions I have tried in the past.Finally some beach waves without my hair becoming a crunchy, knotted mess!

The last product I have been using to try and improve my hair's condition is the Fortifying Spray that is designed to protect against heat damage while still thickening and giving body. I have only used this a couple of times so far but It has been ideal for building my look without weighing it down at all which is the problem I have had with a lot of products in the past. This one would be ideal for thinner hair types thanks to the lightweight feeling!

I am thrilled with the results Windle and Moodie have given me, my hair looks so much more healthy and nourished now- I actually look forward to taking care of it better and taking a little time styling it which is a big turnaround for me. You can buy the product line direct from the website or if you are Scotland based they have just launched at Brown's Salon in Dumfries.

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