Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Introducing; Banton Frameworks

Banton Frameworks

It might be only be March but it felt like Christmas had come early last week when I stumbled across a super exciting new brand on twitter that offers not only a fantastic new range of eye wear to lust over but also meets my passion for Scottish-made product alongside some seriously slick design. Banton Frameworks bring so much to the table, I just had to share their amazing kickstarter campaign for the all the other glasses fans out there. Offering an achingly beautiful choice of frames with a bespoke creation experience, the lovely duo behind Banton have put together some fantastic packages for backers of their project. It is no wonder they already have 9k of the 10k they need and still with an impressive 18 days to go- so you will have to move quick if you want  a bit of the action.

I have been interested in backing something through Kickstarter for ages and when I noticed my brother sporting a beautiful watch at Christmas that he had helped fund, it sealed the deal for me. The chance to own some innovative, unique and chic designs at a really impressive price alongside knowing you are helping support independent ( and in this case local)brands is really exciting to me and there are some seriously cool projects on there to get behind.

I was thrilled to discover Banton Frameworks just as they were launching their campaign and I was instantly in love with what they have put together.

Created through designers Jamie and Lucy's curiosity for individual eye wear, the duo have spent three years developing every aspect of the service, from the designs to the individual materials used. This means they can offer over 250 style combinations at a superb level of quality and craftsmanship that is proudly being made right here in Scotland. As a customer you start off by picking your frame style which are adorably named after Scottish Inventors, which you then customise by selecting what material you would like used; from the sleek and modern frosted acetate to the minimalist aluminium or the bold wood finish. You can then tailor the look from picking the nose pads, the temple colour and the final leather earpieces. The team have taken care to source the right materials to be able to offer a premium product and I adore that they have included the info for where the elements you are selecting have will be coming from. It is pretty cool to know your new custom glasses have been on a design journey around the UK before coming together in an amazing garden workshop nestled right on the edge of Banton Loch.

Doesn't it look amazing? I am beyond impressed with what Jamie and Lucy are offering, a bespoke service like this feels like ultimate luxury yet what really stood out for me is the price range they are working at. Going through Kickstarter right now means you can nab yourselves some frames for a ridiculously low price but even out with the project they will be starting from £130 which I think is outstanding for this level of personalisation and for the level of design on offer. After speaking to the team I can tell they have all sorts of exciting ideas up their sleeves for the future too which puts them firmly on the brands to watch list. I have had the glasses I wear now for the last 3 years thanks to being bought them for a birthday present from Ally and in that time I have noticed quite a lot of friends being given their frames as presents which is something a service like Banton will be perfect for- can you imagine receiving the opportunity to create your own dream pair? It is just too much excitment, I have already gone crazy to work out what look and style I am going to settle for. I love the unisex vibe they have created as I love a masculine frame but  the option of then mixing that up with some beautiful rose gold finishes is very tempting! Thank god they have their own app where you can see what the style will look like on you before deciding- just another example of the level of service to be expected from these guys.

 To hear more about the project straight from its creators, check out their excellent video above- a full review of process will be up on the blog when I get my greedy mitts on my pair once the Kickstarter period has closed. To keep up to date with Banton Frameworks and follow their journey you can find them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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