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Glasgow Reviewed; Consultation with Pure Nutrition

It is no secret that I have a real interest and passion for healthy eating, exercise and all round well being. With my blog name coming from the idea of Beauty Head to Toe, in recent years I have definitely realised how much that this is true- in order to feel and look beautiful you have to take care of your whole self, from inside to out. I have found through my social media chums that there are so many people out there that feel exactly the same so for my next addition to the Glasgow Reviewed series I wanted to get along to a nutrition session and find out what one entails and what it can do for our well being.

Many a moon ago I worked in a Glasgow Napiers clinic and it is where my interest in holistic and alternative therapies began, so of course it was my first port of call when looking for a session to try out. I was thrilled to find the clinics have one of Scotland's most prominent nutritionists, Tara Inchbold Holt of Pure Nutrition, running a clinic from their premises. Working to discover the cause of problems rather than just suppressing the symptoms, Tara's consultations are based around the idea that nutrition is more than just 'eating the right foods' but also taking in general lifestyle, possible mineral and vitamin deficiencies and ridding the body of toxins to bring it back into harmony and restore health. With additional diplomas in Herbalism, Tara takes a naturopathic approach to her sessions and looks to help balance the physical and emotional energy levels that can play a large part in our lives.

My interest in nutritional therapy began when I changed my own diet and lifestyle a couple of years ago and realising what a difference that can make to so many ailments I often blamed on other factors such as mood, bad skin, oily hair, breaking nails etc. This led me to do a lot of reading on the whole host of problems that nutritional advice can help alleviate such as arthritis and joint pain, skin conditions, energy and stress related issues and the one I was looking for more insight too- IBS and also insomnia. So many people I know suffer from digestive issues, from IBS to general in tolerances, and I was really intrigued as to what insight Tara could give me in working to bring my body into a better condition overall.

Before the initial 45 minute consultation Tara sends over a set of forms to fill in to allow her the chance to take a look at what symptoms you are suffering from, glean information on your general lifestyle and also find out what kind of food you are consuming currently.Prior to my sessions I felt like I had a good working knowledge of what I 'should' and shouldn't be eating but with so much conflicting knowledge out there even I find it really hard to separate fact from fiction, look past the food industries PR driven 'advice'  and work out what I can be consuming to help my overall health.

Nutritional Therapist - Tara Inchbald Holt

 In my session we went through my answers and it was good to hear that after doing a lot of research myself that I was eating a fairly good diet but there was still lots of different things I could be trying to help with my symptoms. I was taken through my history  from birth to now, going through any particular ailments or conditions that I might know about and Tara then uses all this info to work out what is all connected and what changes I should be making to help alleviate my current concerns. I found this element of this session absolutely fascinating and it was a real eye opener to see how many things are tied together. Her diagnosis of the current  state of my body was spot on and it brought a lot of clarity to me on areas I need to be working on, not just in what I am ingesting but how stress and lack of sleep is then manifesting itself in my symptoms. It was absolutely fantastic to listen to her suggestions on what I need to both cutting out and adding in to my diet and I left the session feeling really positive and determined to make some changes. A couple of days later Tara emails you a detailed document listing exactly what you should and shouldn't be having specific to the goals you discussed in your session including any teas and supplements you need to be incorporating to make up for any deficiencies. She also handily includes some tasty recipes to get you on your way and is always on hand to answer any questions that might arise from your tailored feedback.

To get the most out of trying a nutrition appointment you have to go with an open mind and be willing to take responsibility for your health.  Often people are just looking for a quick and easy fix and are not necessarily willing to commit to what it can take to help bring your body back to good health but the long term benefits this can bring are huge! I have taken all of Tara's advice on board and am seeing great benefits from helping my IBS by cutting out a few things I was still having that were not helping, and I have definitely felt an increased energy level from adding in some of the supplements and teas she recommended to me which is fab. Not only that but my session really helped me see that I wasn't being particularly kind to my body in recent months and not paying proper attention to the warning signs it was trying to send me that is was a bit worn out. Since my appointment I have taken additional steps to try and correct that by making more time for myself and de-stressing in the form of relaxing yin yoga and even a mindfulness group that are really helping me work on the health in the whole sense, and this is definitely not something I would have sorted if it were for my session with Tara. 

Tara certainly is a superb ad for healthy living!
After your initial consultation you can get in touch with her through out your journey with any questions or changes you are experiencing and you then book in around 6 weeks later for a follow up session to go through your results and look at any other suggestions she might have for you which is a great service to help make sure you stick with your new plan and can further prepare yourself for going forward with the new and improved you. I sat down with her last week to take a look at where I was now with the symptoms we had identified and it was crazy just how many I hadn't even realised I wasn't suffering from any more.  This follow up session is so helpful to see where you have come to through her advice and also for her to answer any more questions or tweak any areas that need further changes.

I hope this helps any readers who feel like there are symptoms they are suffering from that they cannot get on top of, many can be helped hugely just with making lifestyle changes under the watchful eye of someone as informed and helpful as Tara. A nutrition consultation was certainly a great eye opener for me- putting my finger on symptoms I didn't even realise I was really suffering from or thought was something I could ever work to change until the list was in front of me. Tara's advice has really helped me sort them out, I definitely recommend giving it a go and seeing what changes you should be making to be the happiest and healthiest version of you possible.

The blog including some superb recipes is well worth reading on the Pure Nutrition website, and you can contact Tara on 07985 267 218 or on her facebook page.

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