Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Introducing; Mary Kay Cosmetics

My only experience here in the UK of  'mail order' cosmetics and skincare has been through my mum being a huge consumer of Avon as I was growing up. I used to love poring through the catalogues she would have in the house and watching them being passed around friends and family who would all order their staples and treat themselves to the odd new lippy here and there. Fast forward a few years and there is a new catalogue of goodies catching my eye in the form of Mary Kay cosmetics. 

Founded in 1963 with her own savings and a desire to help women success in a male dominated business world, Mary Kay Ash set out to shake things up. Built on a foundation of wishing to enrich woman's lives, they boast a sales force of 3 million worldwide and offers a range of 200 products and I was lucky to be invited along to find out more about these products at a recent event.

We were treated to drinks and nibbles while we got our hands on just a fraction of the products available through sellers and online. I was in heaven swatching some of the stunning midnight jewels eye colours from their autumn/winter product line up and delighted to find how incredibly pigmented and buttery smooth they were. I was totally taken with the coverage offered in the base products such as the CC cream that was utterly dreamy in texture and a creamy concealer that I am really excited to try out as a possible cream highlight product in the form of their concealer and for  only £7.50 is a huge bargain. They also have palettes which you can fill that are easily changeable which is fab for taking only some of the products out with you when needed or for creating a complete set to travel with. 

Mary Kay® Eye Colour Palette in Emerald Noir
There were so many gorgeous for popping in these custom palettes

I loved that they offer a whole range called Mary Kay At Play aimed at the much younger market that might have had different packaging to reflect their personality but was in no way compromised on quality or colour and offered at an accessible price. 

Add some pop to your colour playlist with NEW marykayatplay shades

Skincare wise I was super impressed with the diversity of the range from blotting tissues to their very own Skinvigorate cleansing brush they seem to have something for absolutely everyone. I love the idea of the parties you can organise through them as things like body shop or Avon parties were all the rage when I was young and I always remember them being so much fun. I also really like the little touches Mary Kay offer such as the ability to search for a salesperson in your area and also one who speaks what ever language you might require. Their dedication to the customer is evident and I loved getting to grips with some of their huge line up of products, I have a few bits and bobs I will be trying out so keep your eyes peeled for reviews.

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