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Glasgow Reviewed; Ellen Conlin Hair

A little while ago Ellen Conlin Hair laid on a super evening for some lucky Scottish bloggers and I had a whale of a time learning about a whole range of products and treatments from healthy scalps to super beautiful nails. I was over the moon to then find a voucher for a cut and colour in the salon in my goodie bag as I knew the team there were something special and could really turn my locks around just in time for winter. I headed along on a busy Saturday and was excited from the second I walked in the door as the atmosphere was electric!  This is not something I would usually expect to find in a hair salon but the volume of people all happily getting preened for a host of different events were all being waited on hand and foot by the really fantastic staff and it just felt really exciting. There wasn’t a person without a smile on their face or a freshly topped up coffee ( or fizz) in front of them, I was instantly impressed with the level of customer service I experienced while waiting as it was lovely to see so many staff greeting regular customers by name and asking about recent holidays or how their family are. You really feel part of something when you are in Ellen Conlin which makes for a fantastic salon experience.

I was shown to my seat where I was thrilled to find a little board with my name on it waiting for me, I love that a little gesture like this ensures people are using your name and further creating that sense of ‘special’ that I think anyone should experience when getting their hair done, I have never seen it in a salon before! I went through what I was thinking with my stylist who was so patient with my indecision and a huge help in working out what was best for me. I loved how lots of the stylists were on hand to help narrow down colour range and what I might like best which in the end was a semi permanent warm deep brown in a couple of shades to give it depth and keep it looking natural.

After settling on the colour I sat back and let the team work their magic, dye was applied and I chilled out reading magazines and enjoying fresh coffee whilst sat under their futuristic heat machines. I love how each seat has an individual screen at it so you can enjoy music videos etc while you wait which is another little touch I haven't experienced at any other salon. When going for colour you can be there for a quite a long time and something like this really helps pass the time and if like me you are heading out afterwards it really helps keep you that party feeling throughout! I never once felt forgotten about or bored which has happened to me in the past and it was lovely to chat to various staff who all seem to be having such a good time working there. From the trainees washing my hair to the owner just stopping by to check on the clients, everyone makes a very genuine effort that is so appreciated by the obviously loyal customers. 

Once the colour was washed off ( and following a very relaxing head massage) I was so excited to see the final result. I was delighted to see that my hair had a beautifully deep and glossy finish and just looked incredibly healthy and 'full' whilst still looking natural and suiting my colouring. It had been cut to the perfect length and was exactly how we had discussed which was very refreshing after a fair few disasters in the past. I hate it when you talk about one thing with a stylist and end up with something completely different! The team here are really fantastic at listening to not just what you want it to look like but also how your hair style fits into your lifestyle and how you like to style it which again just makes you feel really important.

My new 'do was finished off using the new GHD curve wand that gave it that really undone and tousled look that I love and they were sure to make sure it had the volume and staying power I was after for the hen do I was going to enjoy when I left. I was absolutely thrilled with how it looked and following such a lovely morning in the salon I was properly buzzing with energy for the day. 

A little before and after!
 Getting to know the staff and management behind Ellen Conlin Hair has been a real pleasure as they are a such an energetic and passionate bunch. The time and care I saw them take with every single customer on my visit was refreshing and you couldn't help but feel really special sitting in their chair. They  have a salon in the Hyndland area and also Giffnock but also handily have a superb website where you can shop their favourite products and even book your appointment on line.

To contact the Hyndland salon you can ring them on 0141 339 8223 or email Thanks so much to the wonderful team for giving me not just a superb experience but also the perfect new hair for the Christmas party season!

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