Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Getting in the Christmas spirit with Lush

Lush has a terrible habit of getting me in a giggly Christmas spirit far too early, and this year was no exception. Here is me waking up on a late October morning with a proper excited Christmassy feeling in my stomach just because I know that evening I will be perusing the new gift sets in the extreme comfort of the Lush Buchanan Street store- I need to remember I am a wee bit off getting to be in holiday mode yet! Along with a host of other lovely Scottish Bloggers we headed in from the cold to enjoy a lovely relaxed evening taking a look around, enjoy some demonstrations from the lovely staff and of course we all managed to do a little early Christmas shopping too...
Every year Lush totally knock the packaging out the park, I am always so keen to see what colours and designs they have gone for as they look so amazing on the shelves and I love that they make just the prettiest gifts for my nearest and dearest. Never mind of course that the contents are pretty damn special too! From the hugely popular snow fairy mini gift set to  the stunning 12 days of Christmas box set there is something for everyone, all wrapped up in one gorgeous little package. 
One of my favourite things this year are the re usable knot-wraps that you can buy to take your presents to the next level and can be an additional goody for the person you are giving to. Inspired by Japanese Furoshiki (wrapping cloth) you can re use the cloths to wrap another gift, use them to decorate with or even wear as an accessory, I know there is more than one in the range I am dying to use as a scarf! Each one is made from recycled plastic bottles which I absolutely love as it really has that lush ethos written all over it and the designs are really stunning.
Look at that sparkly christmas bath bomb!
If you haven't popped into the new Buchanan Street store then Christmas is the perfect time to get in there and see what is on offer. There are so many amazing products to choose from and all the staff are so passionate and knowledgeable about them so they can help you pick out the perfect gifts for people. Using so many of the products themselves means they know exactly what to recommend to people and can give you the top tips on how best to use them which just makes for a lovely shopping experience. I never fail to feel at home when in a Lush store, so thank you to the whole team for having us along and putting a big Christmas smile on my face.

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