Monday, 17 November 2014

Better hair with Nioxin

It is not often you will find me managing to use the same products for a long period of time, never mind when it comes to hair care. I am terrible for getting bored of a shampoo really quickly and just jumping straight on to the next one promising me the hair  of my dreams and disregarding what ever bottle I was on. I was therefore shocked on my recent visit to Ellen Conlin hair when I realised that I have actually not used any other shampoo ( and even the conditioner, which I never use) since their blog event a couple of months ago. I was delighted to have received the Nioxin starter kit in my goody bag on the night as I was on the hunt for something to really thicken up my hair so I decided to give it a really proper go and delighted to find it has been performing amazingly.

I had heard of the company before the event but I had never properly looked into what they offer so I was all ears when the Ellen Conlin staff gave me the run down on what the shampoo and conditioner could be doing to keep my scalp in better condition and in turn allow my hair to be as thick and healthy as it should be. I never normally use conditioner as my greasy mop didn't seem to be able to handle it but with this combo my hair is staying cleaner, stronger and without a doubt thicker than I have ever seen it. Ally even commented, after a month of using the kit, on how good my hair was looking and instantly stole some to try and work on his own mane, now that is high praise indeed!

The shampoo has a crisp mint scent which I love, and with both products you only need a small amount, I still have a couple of weeks worth left after almost three months of use which is pretty impressive. At the blogger event the team at the salon used a special camera called a nioscope that gives a magnified image of my scalp to show me just how blocked my follicles were and it was GROSS, but in a totally fascinating way. It is funny that I spend so long thinking about my skin and how to keep it in good condition, but I have never given my scalp a second thought! It was no wonder I rushed straight home and got tearing into my starter kit!

I will spare you the HD close ups but you get the idea!
Nioxin don’t just offer the kits with shampoo, condition and treatment however, you can also opt for a microdermabrasion treatment on your next salon visit. This helps your scalp just like it would on your face-  it sloughs off dead flaky skin which allows the younger cells to surface which are fresher, clearer and far healthier. This exfoliation ( done simply with an application of product to the scalp which is entirely painless and fuss free) helps to regenerate and revitalise the scalp and remove the buildup around the follicle that stops it from performing to its full potential. I was fascinated by the whole thing and was delighted when I was then shown my scalp following the treatment- never mind the finished look of my hair cut! You can add the treatment on to your cut for £20 and it is well worth it when you see the condition it leaves your scalp and hair in, I was not expecting such stunning results. I have already bought my next Nioxin shampoo set as I am that addicted to my shiny happy hair and I know from now on I will be paying much closer attention to my poor neglected scalp!

The Nioxin kits and Microdermabrasion are both available at Ellen Conlin who you can contact on 0141 339 8223.

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