Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Guinot Body Contouring at Chamomile Spa, Edinburgh

I have professed my love for the wonderful Chamomile Spa in Edinburgh's west end  countless times before.I am always guaranteed excellent customer service and an incredibly relaxing experience when I am there, so of course I am all ears when I hear there is a new treatments on offer!The newest offering is Guinot's Aromatic Body Contouring treatment which is aimed at improving firmness, reducing cellulite and all round detoxifying the body- just what I was needing as we headed into the summer skin baring months.

As per usual I was greeted by the super warm and professional staff in the gorgeous west end premises of Chamomile. I settled into their ridiculously pretty waiting room while I filled in some info on what I was looking to get from my treatment and what areas I felt needed targeting. I was quickly whisked away to the beautiful dark wood surroundings of the spa to change and and get into pampering mode. Once I was all settled on the bed the treatment began with an excellent AHA based all over exfoliation. This was a totally new experience for me, usually exfoliating treatments involve a 'gritty' mechanical scrub which you then need to rinse off but much like the AHA products I use on my face, this was a leave on product that gets to work chemically. The contouring lotion contains glycolic acid and sorbaine ( a mix of papaya and lemon enzymes) which exfoliate the dead skin cells and creates a nice thermal action on the skin.

My therapist then worked the key areas of my stomach, legs and thighs with deep ( but not at all painful) massage techniques to stimulate blood flow, help with toxin removal and hit the cellulite prone areas. Using Guinot's detoxifying oils this part of the treatment is designed to break down your adipose fat cells and increase circulation whilst still being incredibly relaxing. We were then on to the sauna mask which is a really invigorating,cooling peel off mark containing clay and green tea and is applied to the thighs and stomach. This is the designed to help drain excess water and really firm and contour those areas while leaving the skin soft and glowing.

I wish this was me... !
While the mask turned to its quite mesmerising rubber-like texture you are given a really beautiful hand and arm massage which just pushed me further into an idyllic zen state and then the mask is peeled off and some after care products smoothed on to the skin and then you are good to go. I wasn't sure what to expect from this treatment but I was really impressed with how it has been created to not just be a slimming treatment but a very soothing and pampering one. I have had wraps/ body masks before that although they bring results, they have not felt particularly indulgent to have applied but this was a lovely mixture of the two. It is suggested you enjoy a course of these treatments to see maximum results but I can see after only one that it can really help with the dreaded orange peel effect of cellulite- my skin felt absolutely dreamy and looked super smooth, I can only imagine what it could achieve with further sessions.

The Guinot slimming treatment is £65 and a course of six is £355 and you can book by contacting the spa on 0131 220 1000

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