Thursday, 29 May 2014

Lip readings and lipgloss with Bareminerals

I think we are all familiar with the idea of palm reading but did anyone know you can now have your lips read? Well you can and its as simple as visiting the Bare Minerals counter in Debenhams! They have teamed up with Lipsologist ( unsure if I have made that title up...) Jilly Eddy, to offer exclusive lip print readings and find out what your pout says about you. Now I am the first to admit I was skeptical and assumed it was all just a bit of fun but I was really surprised to actually find a lot of the reading incredibly accurate! The lovely staff on the counter use her book "Lipsology; The Art & Science of reading lip prints", to help you analyse your print and use the size, shape and colour to tell you more about your personality characteristics, emotions and energy levels. 

I was fascinated to read what each element said about me and was shocked at some of the stuff I was reading as so much of it was spot on and thought it was a great, quirky and fun experience
for Bare Minerals to offer. It also doesn't hurt that so many shades of their Marvellous Moxie lipgloss are so pretty! I am not usually a gloss person but pleased to report that the formula is really lovely- not to sticky and longer lasting on the lips that I usually find a gloss. As always the staff on the Bare Minerals counter were really helpful and approachable and I loved how into the lip reading they were. If you are nearby and are intrigued then i would defo pop in and see what your lips might say about you :)

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