Friday, 9 May 2014

Introducing; Nanogen thickening products

Apologies for the stock photos- having camera issues!

I am terrible at being instantly skeptical when a product promises thicker, fuller hair, after a million disappointments with a variety of shampoo and hair care products, all that usually happens is a end up with an even greasier than normal mop! Not that long ago I had quite a lot cut off my hair which it definitely needed, but having it much shorter made it seem a lot thinner and it had lost a bit of fullness which I missed, so when Nanogen put out a call on twitter for people needing a bit of Oomph in their 'do- I jumped at the chance.

I was sent the thickening treatment shampoo for women (£7.95);

The unique formula just for Women combines redensifying peptides with deep cleansing Salicylic Acid, for thickness and purifying you can feel.Fortified with patented Nanogen Growth Factors to maintain healthy hair, the dermatologically tested shampoo is also proven to give Minoxidil users and anyone with thin hair a more comfortable scalp and thicker hair.

I was really hoping that this one wouldn't be a dud resigned to the land of abandoned products that litter my bathroom. You only need  a small amount to build a bit of a lather, it is easy to work with and rinse out and was a perfectly pleasant shampoo. From first use my hair certainly felt lovely- very soft, clean and definitely volumised but I wasn't sure if it was beginners luck. I have now used the shampoo for a few weeks and I am absolutely hooked, those great results have continued and even though I didn't notice actual improved thickness in the first week- I can totally see it now. I think the best proof of that is usually during the week I wear my hair tied up as down naturally is usually just a little lank and rubbish. Since using this however I am more than happy with how my hair sits, it looks much fuller and fresh and I have a surprising number of comments on it.

a post nanogen shampoo selfie
Nanogen Growth Factor Treatment Serum for Women

Of course I have no idea how much long term difference a shampoo can make so I was intrigued to try the  Hair Growth Factor Serum  (£29.95) that I was also sent to try;

Nanogen Hair Growth Factor Serum is a scientifically tested treatment for thin hair with the highest levels of Growth Factors available without consultation.Patented Nanogen Growth Factors are supported by protective antioxidant Superoxide Dismutase to create the best possible conditions for healthy hair growth.The dermatologically tested treatment is proven to create thicker hair and improve scalp comfort for Minoxidil users and anyone with thin hair.

Thick thick hair after a couple of weeks with the serum ( was tied up overnight!)
After my success with the shampoo, I had high hopes for this. You apply it to a dry scalp which at first I was not thrilled with due to my fear of greasy hair but I was surprised that it does really disappear once soaked in ( I massaged any big drops together into my scalp and brushed through). It was easy to apply and causes little disruption to my routine and the best bit... it works. I used to lose a fair amount of hair when washing and on my pillows but since using this I was amazed to see that change. I really did not expect much a difference but thrilled to be proved wrong- my hair is absolutely thicker, stronger and healthier both looking and feeling from using these products. My other half is always worrying about his thinning locks so I will be getting him into the mens versions for sure and definitely recommend giving it a go to any one else worried about a thinning mane. 

Products sent for review- all opinions my own and a hundred percent honest as always!

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