Thursday, 1 May 2014

Introducing; The Bathory

I get a fair amount of emails with links to new sites and new products to my inbox and every so often one really catches my attention which is what happened when I heard from the lovely team behind The Bathory. Created from the comfort of a good old bath , owner Laura Grace started the brand from her kitchen, creating personalised bath soaks for friends and family but it was this inventing, creative aspect that she wanted to share and so The Bathory was born.

Run by a team of bath lovers, the website is incredibly well done and allows you to put together the perfect bath soak for your needs...

"We believe in bathtime. Baths to be shared, or luxuriated in all by yourself. Baths for starlit nights, for post-run mornings, for lazy Sundays. Baths to fall in love with."
The Bathory lets you play inventor and create a bespoke bath soak to fit your mood perfectly.Your invention can help you feel relaxed, revived, inspired, sexy — whatever you fancy. We like to think of it as “aromatherapy for people who are a bit dubious about aromatherapy”.

I had great fun going through all the options when creating my very own blend, I love how easy and inviting it is to use and the company's personality and passion for bath time shines through. I will be honest, baths are not my thing but this got me genuinely excited to take some time out and give relaxing a bit of a go! I spent far too long on the site playing around with different blends but eventually settled on trying the Detox version as I liked the idea of the Epsom Salts and Rhassoul Clay to draw out the toxins, and I went for added Chamomile, Lavender and Rosemary oils. I chose these thanks to the handy info the Bathory provide on what each oil smells like and how they can benefit you, I wanted a relaxing soothing pre-bed time bath so the Chamomile and Lavender seemed perfect and I just loved the sound of the scent of the Rosemary! I was really impressed with how easy the site was to use and pay and how quickly the very well presented product arrived. I love the companies branding, even the box you are sent in the post feels special and inside is a precious violet glass jar which they use as it helps protects the essential oils and means there is no need for adding nasty preservatives- HURRAH! I even love the little card you receive showing you how you could recycle the little beauty,a lovely touch which again speaks of the Bathory personality.

So the product itself, bar being fun to put together and well presented- was it any cop? YES! I got myself all ready for a nice relaxing soak and that is exactly what I got. I ran a hot bath and poured half of the contents of the jar ( you can adjust amounts to suit) and swirled it around to dissolve and release all the lovely vapours and climbed in and enjoyed.. and enjoyed and enjoyed- I was in there for hours! My soak did just what I wanted, helped me wind down and take some time out for myself  while enjoying the benefits of all the lovely ingredients. I never thought I would enjoy a proper bath soak like this but I was happy to be proved wrong, maybe I am a bath person after all?

A bespoke soak from The Bathory will set you back £18 and I think these would make amazing presents for special someones. I love the idea of being able to make a blend for a pregnant pal, or bride to be etc and I would love to see them maybe offer further personalised labels for the jars- how cool would that be to receive from someone! I have loved giving this a go, I am a big fan of the team behind the product and admire their passion for premium quality ingredients that are natural and organic where possible-  a big thumbs up from me!

You can visit the beautifully done website here and get creating a wonderful soak of your very own.


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