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Glasgow Reviewed; Detox with All about Juice

By now you can probably tell I am pretty much loving this whole juicing malarkey. From making my first juice to trying my first detox, I was loving the results it was bringing me and couldn't wait to try my next cleanse experience with a local juicing company. Natalie from All about Juice was super helpful in organising one of her specialty 3 days cleanses for me and made sure the experience was tailored just to my taste. I met up with her in All about Juice's brand new shop on Dumbarton Road and chatted through why she started the company and why she loves juicing. A former fitness instructor and dancer with an added background in public health, Natalie is a real fountain of knowledge on all things nutrition and she was a joy to talk to. She started juicing for herself to try and  help with a few health problems such as lethargy, low weight and various deficiencies and was so impressed with the results that she was determined to help others with it.

Anyone with a similar passion for health and well being through food is a kindred spirit to me and I could have chewed her ear off for hours about the different ingredients and combinations she uses and why. Hearing her stories of other clients and what they have over come by making changes in their diet and incorporating juice was really inspiring and totally got me fired up for trying the All about jUice 3 day cleanse.

The gorgeous All about jUice shop
My last cleanse I went down the very 'green' route so as I was used to the more veg based drinks   (newcomers to juicing might prefer drinks with a more fruit base as they have a naturally sweet appeal which can help in sticking to the cleanse) I opted for a 3 day menu which included 4 x 500ml drinks, which at first I was hesitant about as with someone with a big appetite I was worried I would be hungry but Natalie explained that she adds avocados into a couple of your drinks to make sure you get the essential fats and amino acids and also help give that fuller feeling. She also makes the 4 drinks a combination of thicker and thinner juices to help satiety and encourages you to drink at least 2 litres of water and lots of herbal tea during the cleanse. I was a big fan of the contact she likes to keep with her clients throughout, offering practical and emotional support for people which can be a huge help if you are new to juicing.I  also loved that she delivers each days detox each morning to allow for maximum freshness and nutrition from the ingredients.

Day One-  I had my usual hot water and lemon before I left for work but my stomach was definitely ready for something.I had my package delivered to my work which is excellent service from the team  and stored my other three drinks for the day in the fridge to keep them fresh and kept my breakfast one out to enjoy. It was a really thick and creamy avocado based one which is just what i needed to fill me up for the day ahead. Differing from some out cleanses I have tried Natalie doesn't label the bottle with specific ingredients for each drink as she finds people are often too easily put off by lists of fruit and veg and take an automatic distaste without giving them a try. I found that super interesting as so many people I know turn their noses up when I list things I might juice but have no idea ho delicious they can be! She does provide a list of ingredients used throughout the 3 days in the handy faq sheet delivered with the cleanse so you have a rough idea of what goes into the drinks ( and checks any allergies before you begin) but I quite loved the surprise element of each drink! Now for those who think avocado = YUCK, you do not taste it as avocado at all, it just gives a deliciously filling and creamy aspect to those drinks and they are perfect for the morning to set you up for hours! I wolfed it down as it was so tasty and got on with my morning without really noticing it was lunchtime before I knew it. Lunch was a sweet and tasty carrot and pineapple based drink that was far too easy to drink, I was desperate for more it was so nice! A thinner, more juice like consistency it was very refreshing, afterwards in the afternoon I was a little peckish but not feeling any major side effects. I had my usual herbal teas in among the drinks and had plenty of water to keep me hydrated, I was absolutely ready for drink 3 come 5 o'clock. Another pretty sweet drink ( Natalie advises me she sweetens more with lemon and lime juices as opposed to just huge amounts of fruit) It was really lovely and a nice change from the more pure green vegetable juices I have had in the past. I spent the evening at a dinner party with friends and managed fine, I thrilled to have another thicker avocado drink for dinner ( with beetroot flavours) that helped keep hunger pangs at bay while the others munched away. I was sleepy come bed time but not as hungry as I feared I might be with only having the four juices.

Day Two was definitely tougher for me, I just felt generally groggy and tired through the day ( contributed to by a very bad sleep it has to be said) I was thrilled my morning drink was soy yogurt and berry based, it was just the creamy boost I needed to get going in the morning but I was more hungry through the day than the previous day. It was still all absolutely manageable and work was there to keep me distracted but the whole time I was craving my bed and some sleep!The drinks varied from the day before which was nice as each one as a surprise, all were really tasty ( she definitely has a way with flavour combinations) and although I was hungry I did still feel satiated by them. I was thrilled to get home and take it easy on  the couch for the evening ( I did still manage a supermarket shop on the way) I was tired but actually ended the day feeling much better than the early morning/ afternoon slump I was experiencing. Natalie was fab at keeping contact throughout to help pep you up on your journey which was a great element of the service, she offered tips and info whenever asked which were really useful. I headed off to bed to take it easy after my last creamy green drink of the day which was actually just what I needed and doing the cleanse really made me slow down for that one day and take  care of myself where I am usually running around like a bit of a headless chicken 24/7!

I woke up on day three feeling really good to go, I think psychologically day one as you adjust and day three as you know it is almost over are just easier to deal with than day two! I got to work to pick up my days juices and wolfed down another breakfast delight and just generally got on with my day, I was lightly peckish but nothing more all day, I felt far more focused than day 2 and was just quite excited to have each drink as they were so darn yummy. I had plenty of energy and got through another work day and a long walk home, stopping off in town en route with no energy problems at all. I happily made up big salads ready for the next day when I wouldn't have juices but wanted to keep my food intake as clean and raw as possible, and generally felt top notch as I headed to bed. A successful three day cleanse completed!

look at all that colour!
I have been so impressed with All about Juice's approach to the detox and think although  it might seem pricey to some ( a 3 day cleanse will cost you £75) its actually a very competitive cleanser package and the benefits you feel after it makes it so worth it. It is the perfect way to jump start a health kick- it really gets your body back to O, your skin glowing and energy reset and make you feel ready to take on the world! I was thrilled with the service proved by Natalie and her time from first emails through to aftercare, it is also definitely worth popping by her lovely brand new shop on Dumbarton Road for a juice fix, the breakfast juices sound incredible and she is always working on new combinations and products to offer to help encourage people to start new healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

You can call the shop and find out about the range of packages they offer on 0141 237 1770 and don't forget to check out their deals on facebook here


  1. Ruth, I've really been enjoying following your adventures in juicing/ cleansing over the last few months! Thanks for giving the heads up about this place - and being on Dumbarton Road it's not far from me at all! Will make a point of popping in sometime :) xx

    1. Thanks so much Lynsay- really lovely of you to comment- so jealous you love close to the shop- I would be in everyday for one of her combos! Hope you enjoy, thanks for reading xx


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