Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Spring into skin with Lush

Last week the lovely Lynsay of  MissWestendGirl fame, invited me along to the Lush Sauchiehall street store to learn more about some of their most popular products, have a go at making one myself and hear some upcoming exciting news. The staff in this store are so so lovely and incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their brand that you cannot help but get swept up in the products. We had a go at making our very own batch of the Cupcake Fresh face mask which was loads of fun, I am such a big fan of learning how products come together and what all goes into them so this was the perfect opportunity to handle the raw ingredients ( all ethical which never fails to impress me) and really appreciate how much work goes into each fresh mask.

The girls talked us through all the cleansers on offer and what each one could do for different skin types alongside showing us how to use them properly. I was fascinated by the beautiful scents of each one and learning about what properties they have to make your skin look the best it can. We also got to go through some super exciting brand new products that were just about to launch in store from new soaps to bath bombs, it was a medley of exciting colours and textures!

We even got to hear the inside scoop on the brand new Lush Kitchen that has opened up down in Dorset, I have been itching to find out more about this as mysterious emails were popping into my inbox talking about it and I had seen the hashtag floating around on twitter. I knew they were up to something pretty special and I was not wrong. The Lush kitchen is a totally amazing idea- broadcasting with real time updates you will be able to watch them make exclusive and customer favourite products that can all be purchased online and sent out fresh that day. I think it is so cool to be able to see the inner workings of how the 'chefs' at Lush create all these amazing products and have an input on what is made!

On Saturday night I had a nice quiet night ahead of me so of course it was the perfect time to try out the sample pots I left the shop with and some of the treats in our goodie bags! I started off with taking my make up off with their 9-5 cleanser which is a liquid cleanser made with  almond oil and dove orchid, it works to remove all the make up and grime from a busy day. I found it a really love pre-cleanse before my shower, it wasn't too runny and was easy to work into my skin and I loved how it didn't sting my eyes at all which it shifted my mascara. I followed this up with using a small amount of the Aqua Marina cleanser which I chose for its amazing fresh sea smell and its promise of soothing my skin while absorbing excess oils. Containing kaolin and calamine to do the absorbing and aloe vera to restore the lost moisture and a touch of sea salt for exfoliation, I really enjoyed using this! I wasn't sure if it would be a faff taking a small amount of product and working it in your palms with water and then applying but actually I really found this therapeutic and without a doubt it made me take more time in really cleaning my face and not just giving a quick cleanser.

I also used a little bit of the Big shampoo which is a volumising shampoo made of sea salt and and seaweed. the product really does look like a pile of wet salt so I was worried it would dry it out too much but I was surprised by how much the seaweed and added coconut oil really made my hair stay shiny and soft and SUPER voluminous. This could definitely become my weekend shampoo for big nights out! Last up I went on to use the cupcake face mask that we made- it basically smells like heaven. For someone who is off chocolate for lent it really was the biggest tease and I was about five seconds from just attempting to eat it. It is one of their best selling products and on smell alone I can see why. Packed with rhassoul mud and cocoa powder to draw out impurities, while the mint tones the skin and the cocoa butter moisturises this face mask really has it all! I found it really thick and a little tougher than any of the other fresh face masks from Lush that I have tried but it certainly did the job in leaving my face bright, clear and very soft. I love that these masks come from such amazing fresh ingredients, you do just have to remember to keep them in the fridge ( oh and try not to eat them!)

I had such a nice evening with the Lush staff and an excellent pamper night in trying out these products I hadn't used before. I am definitely going to invest in some of their shampoos and cleansers and will have my eye on the amazing Lush Kitchen to see what goodies they whip up next!

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