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Glasgow Reviewed; The Cleopatra Cleanse from Juice Warrior

So by now you will have seen from my blog/twitter and instagram that I am currently a total juice-aholic and it would appear I am not the only one. Half of my social media pals all seem to be doing the same or looking into giving it a go and you can't open a magazine without seeing an article on the phenomenon. When looking into local companies that offer pre-organised cleanses I came across the amazing Megan and Daniel from Juice Warrior and I was impressed with the well thought out range of cleanses they had on offer. 

From a full 5 day green or sweet cleanse, to one day packs specifically targeting certain aspects such as the Energizer for pre/post workout or Tough Love Mondays which are perfect for after a messy weekend, Juice Warrior have got everything covered. Chatting away to Megan I was thrilled to find we had so much in  common and actually their company was started from watching a few nutrition documentaries and finding they had a desire to change their own health and well being through their diet which is exactly what happened to me a couple of years back. They have taken that passion and turned it into a really well branded and professional company that has a lot to offer and I was excited to learn more...

 "Daniel and I are both 24 years old and grew up in Glasgow.  Getting into juicing and healthy eating has been a massive lifestyle change for both me and Daniel and because it’s so different from our past habits it’s had such a massive impact on us. Daniel has played football since he was a teen and his idea of eating healthy used to be minimal meals – like soup only days – basically calorie restriction. But since he started juicing and eating mostly fruit and veg he’s realised he can eat as much as he wants and keep the weight off as long as it’s of the right thing. He feels this has improved his playing and over all fitness and that’s why he loves it. He always wanted to start his own business but was just waiting for something he felt passionate about.

I grew up a regular Glaswegian teenager and heavily drank and partied from a very young age and ate the usual processed rubbish and never exercised.  By the time I was 21 I felt bored and tired of going out and binge drinking. I always felt exhausted, anxious and down. I can’t remember how I came across the idea of juicing but I read about it online. I became obsessed by all the success stories and kept annoying Daniel by talking about it. One day he turned up at my house with a juicer, we made our first (disgusting) green juice and it all started from there! I never wanted to lose weight but have lost 3 stone. I was astonished at how I didn’t have to go for naps twice a day anymore and my mood and anxiety seemed to improve drastically. I can’t say if it was a direct result of juicing (maybe it was an attitude shift) but whatever it was it was working! I thought feeling fatigued and sluggish was just how you were meant to feel so learning that my body could feel so good if I just treated it right made me so happy. It was like something clicked. After watching documentaries like Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead, Food Matters and Forks Over Knives it became a way of life for us. Two years later we started Juice Warrior and haven’t looked back!"

I found knowing a bit of their history really helped me connect with the company and the reasons behind the products they offer. I am so impressed with what they have achieved at only 24 and think the company is such a excellent addition for Glasgow. But of course the important question is what did I think of the goods?

So I tried out both the one day Cleopatra cleanse and two days of their Green Cleanse and was delighted with how I felt at the end of it. Juice Warrior understand that cleansing completely ( having no food at all) is not for everyone and encourage people to eat a good healthy diet ( such as raw fruit and veg) while taking the juice, although you can opt to do them as a full cleanse if you would rather. I decided I would incorporate my usual weekend green smoothie ( banana, spinach, blueberry, flax, chia and some PB) into the routine and did eat two apples over the course of the three days as they were needing eaten but other than that I didn't have anything and felt fine for the most part.

From the outset I was impressed with the duo and how they provide their service. From the initial communications, to the amount of information and support received, I was impressed.Daniel arrived bang on the arranged time with a giant box with everything impeccably arranged inside. I was really taken with the branding of their ranges and got a lot of comments on the bottles over the course of the 3 days. There was an envelope with all the info I could need and a little set of delicious Pukka Teas to enjoy with my drinks which is a lovely touch. As they use a Norwalk juicer ( the bee's knees in the juicer world) their drinks have the maximum nutrition in them and can last 72 hours when in the fridge so it was great to receive all the product in one go. 

The Cleopatra cleanse is packed full of ingredients designed to feed your skin all the vitamins and minerals it needs such as Chlorophyll, lycopene, Beta-Carotene and Vitamin E to name but a few. Kicking off with a shot of wheat grass which I was nervous about having not done it before and assuming anything bright green will taste horrendous- I was pleasantly surprised. It is no sugar doughnut but it doesn't taste nearly as bad as I thought and went down the hatch with no probs. I moved on to my first drink which was an incredibly hydrating and refreshing watermelon number ( with added mint and lime, a lovely way to kick off a healthy friday- it tasted like a mocktail!

My second I had two hours later, the cutely named Pina Kale-Ada was also really refreshing and didn't taste at all as 'green' as it looked as it had pineapple and yummy coconut water in it alongside  the kale, cucumber and spinach. I had felt a little foggy first thing after not having breakfast and walking the 3.5 miles to work but felt absolutely fine after this one and raring to go. Lunch time I ended up walking a further two miles as it was a lovely day and managed fine, came back in to my next drink which was one of the ones I was unsure about. So far my experience of beetroot juices has not been great ( just can't get my ratios right) and I still didn't love this one but it was in no way undrinkable and probably one others would enjoy most. Combining the beetroot with apples, carrots, lemon and ginger certainly made it more enjoyable than I thought it would be and I know how good for you these beet blends are so I am determined to get on with them!

I finished my working afternoon with Evergreen which was super tasty and easy to put away, definitely felt a little peckish by mid afternoon so was ready for it. Even though it has the cucumber that I am not a fan of, mixing  it with apple, kale and ginger makes it yum! Walked my 3.5 miles back home and was feeling ok, could absolutely have eaten but in no way totally ravenous which was good. Evening was a pure shot of chlorella chased with a nice 500ml of Nothin' Fancy which is exactly right, just straight up carrot and apple which I make a lot myself and love so was looking forward to it! The shot was not at all as dreadful as I had imagines, an algae loaded with goodness that I wouldn't fancy downing by the pint but a small shot was totally do able.  I then headed off to the cinema with pals and enjoyed my last drink of the evening there and knowing my sweet tooth it was the one I was looking forward to most, Vanilla Dream!! Made from water, almonds, vanilla pod, dates and a little himalayan salt, i really enjoyed it- loved the milky texture as a change from the other juices and it was super nutty and lovely. I ended the day satisfied and just sleepy really which is a good thing for me as I don't get to sleep well. I managed a really long, deep sleep which was a miracle and woke up feeling incredibly bright and lively which was fantastic, It was certainly a great way to get myself ready for my two day Green cleanse.

My skin with  cc cream and cream blush the day after the Juice Warrior cleopatra cleanse
In all, I was impressed by the line up for the one day Cleopatra Cleanse. The range of drinks, ingredients and nutrients on offer is superb and my skin was incredibly thankful for it. In the days that followed it was completely hydrated and so much more plumped than I thought it would be. It looked bright and clear alongside some serious bright eyes and general all round healthy look.  I think this is such an original and fun one day pack and a great idea for doing to either just try out juicing ( either with having no food or alongside a nice healthy diet) it would be fab to do before a special occasion or for buying for someone else as a really original gift.

I moved on to try another of Juice Warriors cleanses the following two days and will report back on that soon.

You can contact Megan and Daniel by emailing or follow them on twitter  or facebook 

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  1. Your skin looks AMAZING!! I've been so tempted to do a juice cleanse but I'm the sort of person that gets sugar withdrawal after about 2 hours haha!


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