Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were as indulgent and restful as mine, I am powering through the early January slump getting myself organised for a pretty last minute jaunt off to Rome next week but I wanted to get my first review of the year up before I head off. Particularly as  it is such a good one and perfect for anyone who has wearing SPF as one of their 2014 beauty resolutions!

I had posted not that long ago about an Image Skincare serum I had been using to great effects, so wanted to share the other product I had been trialing and am just as pleased with. Having major pigmentation issues  ( and following laser therapy to treat it) I have to be incredibly cautious about being in daylight and ensuring I am wearing a high SPF. Over the years I have tried countless versions that have either been too thick, pore clogging, greasy looking or not providing a good base for my makeup so I was delighted when i got my hands on Image Skincare Prevention+ Daily Matte Moisturiser , a UVA/UVB high SPF which does none of those things!

 Although it looks white and thick when out of the tube the product applies like a dream, soaks in quickly and leaves a beautiful finish for my make up.I have used this now for a couple of months and really put it through its paces in a very sunny Croatia and Venice and it performed so well it is going right in my bag for my days in Rome- it will be the perfect SPF to keep my protected in the January sun. I love that it is oil free and using it for days in  a row I have never found it has blocked my very spot prone skin at all, it hasn't affected the longevity of my makeup and not given me ghost face in the holiday snaps either which is a huge result in my books. I love that the moisturiser comes in matte and also a hydrating version, it means you can rotate round to adapt your product to the season. 

I am a big fan of the companies ethos and have been bowled over by both products I have tried. The staff in the clinic I have been going to in Glasgow stock all their products and are huge fans, and if you could see their skin you would know Image are definitely doing something right!

At £39.50 this isn't the cheapest SPF I have used, but for the lack of hassle it gives me and how easy it makes wearing SPF I think it is totally worth it. I am definitely learning that I need to invest in good skincare in order to take care of it in the long term so this SPF is the perfect start.

You can find out your nearest of stockist of Image Skincare here.

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