Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Glasgow Reviewed; Benefit Boutique Waxing

You might remember a while back I attended the launch of the gorgeous new Benefit Boutique in House of Fraser Glasgow that is equipped to offer some amazing new services on top of the make up and brows customers might be used to. I was thrilled to get along again the other week this time to give some of those services the full Beautyh2T eye.

I met with Heiman who is the boutiques resident waxing expert and she was lovely, passionate and knowledgeable about all things beauty and hair removal she was the perfect therapist to show me what Benefit had to offer.

After showing me to the adorable treatment rooms they have created, she talked me through what was in involved in a brazilian wax and full leg wax and left me to get myself ready. Now as I have discussed on the blog before my preference when having a brazilian is to have it done 'pants off' as I find it to be less fiddly and easier to have it done to a good standard. However I do know so many people actually hate the idea of having it done this way and will be happy to know the Benefit Boutique do an excellent and thorough range of bikini services working around a small pair of disposable knickers, so you can have a superb finish for your money but still have that bit of privacy that can make you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Even though it was not how I usually choose to do it I was super impressed with the treatment, unlike past experiences I did not feel using pants was a hindrance at all and Heiman still expertly covered all the usual areas with minimal disruption using a combination of strip wax and hot wax. She has such a natural ability at making you relax that the whole thing was straightforward and as pain free as it ever can be and I was really pleased with the results.

We then moved on to a full leg wax- my first ever one! I had no idea what to expect and again Heiman was excellent at talking me through it and all the stages of hair growth and what regular waxing can do for your regrowth. She then quickly worked the whole area and left me with silky smooth pins- It was a little nippy but nothing you can' t handle and it was over so quickly there is no real time to feel it! I was just about to head off the next day for a few days in Rome and having this done meant my legs stayed smooth for the rest of the week and I didn't even contemplate shaving which is handy when you are short for time.

You would think I would have had my fill of waxing at this point but oh no- I had to give the full experience a go so on we went to a brow and lip wax! I have had superb experiences with the Benefit brows in the past that you can read about here and this visit was no exception. For me it is the best brow shape I have ever had and I look forward to having them freshened up as I know it just transforms my face and totally makes me look pulled together with or without make up. Heiman was excellent from start to finish rounding the whole thing off with a quick and painless top lip wax ( again a first time) that left me incredibly impressed.

Now the best past of the new boutique aside from the superb service and excellent location is definitely the prices. It will be music to everyone's ears that they can get a good, fast and reliable wax in the city centre for under £30. In the past I have pad obscene amounts of money for mixed quality brazilians but one here will set you back only £20 for strip wax and £27.50 for hot wax, and with their loyalty cards you can find yourself getting bonus treatments on top of that the more you go. Their other prices are just as good ranging from £12 to a general bikini tidy up to £18 for a half leg.

Benefit have really come up trumps with their new location in House of Fraser and I can only see them building on everything that they offer. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend their treatments to anyone, it is the perfect place for first timers and regular users alike. On top of the waxing room they also have a spray tan room offering Vita Liberata tans for £20- I was so impressed with their waxing services I am definitely going to get myself in for my first ever spray tan! Eeeeek!

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  1. I do love a Benefit brow wax and the fact they conceal the redness afterwards so you don't have to walk about with big red brows. x


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