Friday, 29 November 2013

Glasgow Reviewed: Westend Wax and Beauty

I had to get this review up asap as I wanted to spread the word about an incredible new spot for waxing just opened up in Glasgow. West End wax and Beauty is run by Debbie who is without a doubt the loveliest therapist I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. Some people just have a knack of putting you right at ease and making you giggle, which is no mean feat when you are at your most... vulnerable shall we say. She really is such a gorgeous person both inside and out and really puts a smile on my face which is definitely not the usual expression I leave a wax with! She just recently opened up her very own shop a minute away from Partick Stations on Dumbarton Road, offering a wide range of services and it was such a good experience I was straight on here to let you know (seriously, I am practically still 'pink' from treatment!)

I was so impressed with Debbie's passion for her service and the products she uses, highly trained and a true specialist in the area, she was amazing at answering all of my many questions and talking me through how she does her procedures and why. It is that level of knowledge that automatically gives you the all important trust in her, making you feel as relaxed and re assured as possible throughout. It is worth pointing out now for any other bikini line enthusiasts that she offers a good old 'pants off wax' ( although she can of course do it with them on if preferred) but for me it is just easier this way. Debbie is so natural and at ease with her clients you don't feel at all silly or exposed in the situation which is such a breath of fresh air for a wax. She is a total stickler for attention to details which the OCD part of me LOVES, there is literally not a hair that won't get past her, and don't even get me started on the lines,you could use my landing strip as a ruler it is that straight and even (TMI?!) It is that attention to detail that just makes her worth her weight in gold as a therapist, you just know you are getting the best possible service for the money.

Her weapon of choice for such a superb wax is the Perron Rigot hot wax that works by shrink wrapping the ahir follicle itself and not sticking to the skin which makes the whole thing a lot less painful than some I have experienced in the past. Don't get me wrong it is obviously nippy in certain parts but truly it was nothing like some of the pain I have been put through before. I loved that she really takes her time with each appointment,there is no rushed feeling which is what allows her to be so thorough in making sure that the skin you wish to be hair free is totally flawless and smooth with as little fuss as possible. All while creating the most relaxing experience possible for her clients in some really lovely surroundings.

Offering a large range of wax services for men and women alongside massage eye treatments and an onsite nail technician, teeth whitening specialist and hair extension service all at superb prices makes her new store absolutely worth a visit. She offers 15% off to all new clients, 25% off at all times for students which is such a superb deal!

I cannot recommend you visit Debbie enough, such a hard working, open and warm person as her makes for the perfect person to be waxed by. Her dedication to your experience at her salon is just so nice to see that you can't help but be excited to go back! Come on hair- GROW!!!

You can contact Debbie and the team on 0141 237 1778 or even book online here

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