Friday, 29 November 2013

Christmas at Lush

I just can’t contain myself when I pop into a Lush store, something about the colours, scents and sheer array of products around me that just send me into a completely frantic craze. I dart around like a mad woman  picking things up, touching everything and sniffing pretty much anything I can and  just generally completely lose all sense of decency! Despite all this the lovely team at Lush Glasgow still let me come along to a little launch party for the companies first ever book written by the super gorgeous Mira Manga and to take a good look around their Christmas offerings this year. I think I managed to last the whole time without letting my usual Lush craziness kick in…

Mira introduction us to the book

Danger-Cosmetics To Go is the companies first book and tells the story of the company that preceded Lush and who were responsible for the creation of many of the most famous Lush products such as the bath bombs, massage bars and the Fresh range that I love! Written over nearly two years Mira has really thrown herself into bringing the emotional rollercoaster that the company went on in their 6 years, to life. Beautifully illustrated and superbly written it is such a good gift for any lush fan or beauty fanatic alike. I love the way the book has been styled, it is perfect for dipping in and out of and for keeping out on the coffee table for visitors to enjoy. (priced 19.95 available in store and here)

Alongside talking to Mira about the book we also got a chance to take in this years Christmas range in store and basically,  I want ALL the gift sets. Not just for the crazy good contents but ughhhh the packaging is to die for. From big in your face glitter boxes to beautiful delicate William Morris inspired vintage prints and my absolute favourite the retro winter boxes ( just look at that White Christmas one!!) that are just incredible. The care and thought that has gone into all their Christmas boxes from the bath bomb especially to soothe kids to sleep on Christmas eve to the special glitter adorned soaps that leave the perfect sheen on the body, I was just so impressed by what they have on offer. I love the Lush staff, they are so good at talking you through what goes into their products, showing you how they work and helping you find the right products for your skin and hair needs. Their enthusiasm and passion for the companies ethos is infectious and something a company can really be proud of. Knowing all the ingredients are natural and cruelty free adds something really special to their products and I think their gift sets make the loveliest presents, well worth going and checking out for the special someone in your life as there really is is something for everyone!

Thanks so much to Lush for having us in after hours and putting together such a lovely evening,

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