Monday, 25 November 2013

Ageless Total Skin Lightening Serum by Image skincare

I wanted to fill you in on a couple of products I have been using recently and loving from Image Skincare. I had never heard of the brand before now but they are a clinical skin care company that provide professional products from licensed estheticians. Founded in 2003 and available in 30 different countries they create pharmaceutical grade products that are still paraben free, not tested on animals and contain no chemical preservatives. I was certainly impressed by their ethos but would the products impress?

The first product I have been putting through its paces is the Ageless Total Skin Lightening Serum* (£35.50) which I was hoping would help combat my bad pigmentation and dark patches caused by spots. This product arrived just in time as I had just gone had a session of laser therapy which was a BIG success (more on that in another post) and this serum has been key in me getting even better results in evening out my skin tone. 

My first thought was how much I liked the packaging,  I like that clinical feel- the product instantly feels designed to actually do something for my skin and not just a run of the mill treatment. The next thing I noticed is how beautiful the serum smelt- being a clinical company I didn't expect such a gorgeous and natural scent at all and it was a very pleasant surprise. This oil free serum is a natural blend of bearberry, kojic acid and licorice to lighten dark spots and a good hit of vitamin c to reduce any red areas from rosacea or sun damage and I love that is actually smells heavenly to apply but only by using ingredients that actually perform.

I love that on the site the key ingredients are listed alongside the function it performs, I think the companies honesty about what is in their products is a breath of fresh air and allows me to trust in what I am putting on my face. I used this serum every evening for a couple of months now and I am super impressed with the results. The laser therapy I will share with you soon had greatly reduced my pigmentation in a lot of areas but there were still tell tale spots that were darker than the rest of my face that I wanted this serum to continue to break down. The serum has done exactly that, without a doubt my skin is more even, much smoother, definately clearer and over just totally bright! It is one of those products that when I stopped using it ( typical beauty blogger) my skin instantly knew, it looked duller and less clear. I have seen my darker areas continue to lessen the more I use it- as with any pigmentation focused product results will never be instant, but when you start to see them work it is so worthwhile. I absolutely adore how it has lightened my old acne scarring without drying or stripping my skin at all- it feels so lightweight and leaves no sticky residue that it is a delight to apply and I actually look forward to getting it on my skin as soon as I am in the door!

I am also trying out a SPF moisturiser that I am pretty excited about so keep your eyes peeled for that review coming soon. I have been poring over Image Skin cares website and my wishlist is HUGE they have some amazing products on there and it is well worth checking out. I have tried so many products for my pigmentation woes in the past and none have delivered results as good as this before.

Now I can't just link you up to these products to purchase for yourself, as Image use some high level active ingredients their products can't be bought over the Internet. I love this about Image, they are against professional products being readily available on the Internet and used in the incorrect way such as people buying the wrong products for their skin type and causing damage which happens all too often. They strictly vet any suppliers who apply to sell their products which gives me even further confidence in them.

The products are available to buy in the following Scottish salons;

 La Belle Forme, Glasgow. Clinetix, Glasgow and Bothwell. Surface Beauty, Edinburgh. Dr Janie Collie, Ayr. Etrebeau, Stirling. Aesthetic Spirit within Cherrybank, Edinburgh. Renaissance, Edinburgh. Dr Lauren Jamieson, Glasgow.  Our Little Secret, Newmains.  Monifieth Dental Clinic. Stay Beautiful,  Edinburgh. Cream, Ayr. Tamore Beauty, Eaglesham. Time Out, Stranraer. Flawless, Falkirk. Cream Beauty Boutique, Glasgow. Lifestyle, Bridge of Weir. 121 Beauty, Carnoustie. The Brow Studio, Glasgow. The Mind and Body Salon, Milngavie, Kirriemuir Dental Practice, The Parlour, Newton Mearns. Fantasia, Inverness, Ouch! Aberdeen.   

I highly recommend taking a look at Image Skincare and their products if like me you are new to them, I can't wait to tell you more about their SPF moisturiser I have been using and LOVING so keep your eyes peeled for that coming soon.


  1. Love finding other Image fans!! I own Flawless permanent cosmetics & skin clinic in Larbert, Falkirk & have been an Image stockist since summer 2012, I have had some fantastic results on many skin issues, they are truly different! X

  2. Love finding other Image fans!! I own Flawless permanent cosmetics & skin clinic in Larbert, Falkirk & have been an Image stockist since summer 2012, I have had some fantastic results on many skin issues, they are truly different! X


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