Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Soap Nuts- perfect for sensitive skins

My boyfriend Ally has incredibly sensitive skin which drives him crazy, we are constantly trying different products to use that don't break him out in incredibly sore and red rashes and blisters.I hate seeing him really uncomfortable and itching all over! Now with skincare and body products I feel have enough knowledge to get us started trying to sort us out but with washing powders I was totally lost. When it was just me to think about I would buy whatever was on offer in the Supermarket as I hate spending money on something as dull as washing powder or products but with Ally to consider we were totally limited to about 2 different expensive options that weren't even cutting it any more.

I decided to do a bit of research into it and stumbled across Soap Nuts and I wanted to share them with you as I know there are lots of sensitive skinned readers out there that it might be worth looking into. Soap nuts are the husks or dried shells of the soapberry which contain Saponin which in nature is insecticide and anti-bacterial compound. These little berry shells are used by many people to clean not only their clothes, but their hair, pets, kitchen and many more! I was so fascinated by the contents and impressed with the prices that I had to find out more.

We got a little sample pack  from Living Naturally to try them and see how his skin reacted to it. With this set  which is £3.49 you get;
  • Small biodegradable muslin washbag with 5 Living Naturally Soapnuts - 4/5 Washes
  • 15ml Sample of Living Naturally Soapnut Liquid - 3 x 5ml washes
  • Sample of Living Naturally Soapnut Soap
  • 40g Soda Crystals
And of course full instructions on how to use the products. This gave us just enough to put the products to the test and get used to using them. When we took the first loads out I was pleased with how fresh they seemed, you don't get that scent of your usual washing powder but they were definitely clean. It might take a bit of getting used to clothes not coming out with the clean 'smell' I have been used to but if it means Ally doesn't have a red raw back it is good enough for me and I know I can start experimenting with adding in some essential oil if he tolerates them. I haven't tried any major stains with them yet but I would probably still spot clean them before washing, but with just general loads going in I am so pleasantly surprised by how these work. It is definatley hard to believe some seeds in a bag can actually clean your clothes but the results were fab!

So the proof for me was when we actually started wearing the clothes and I am so pleased to report he has had absolutely no problems at all, so far so good with no itching and irritation occurring and his previous really bad patches are clearing up. We still have a few more washes to put it through its paces but so far I am confident this is the road we will be going down, and I am thrilled that it is actually really cost effective with a 1kg bag of the nuts ( which can do up to 260 loads) for only £11.99 which is a huge saving over what we were paying before. We have just used the liquid sample that you only need one teaspoon of per wash and the results from it were also fab, so we now have a choice of methods to use!

I am so glad we looked into an alternative method, even though at first I just couldn't believe it would work- they really do. If anyone else out there is sensitive skinned you should totally give a trial pack a go!

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