Thursday, 17 October 2013

John Frieda Full Repair Range

Summer has played havoc on my hair, I put a bit of lightener on my ends before heading off on my sunny adventures and now my tresses are looking far from glossy. Step in Mr John Frieda and his Full Repair range * which promises to hydrate and rescue with its omega 3-rich, Inca Inchi oil formula.

I regularly use the John Frieda volume products (review here) to give my hair the oomph it lacks so I had high hopes for these helping me out. Alongside the shampoo and conditioner there is also the repairing oil elixir which aims to reduce breakages and create smooth and more manageable hair, using the same oil ingredients as the shampoo it provides one of the highest sources of omega fatty acids in the world- 47 times more than argan oil in fact! I put all three products to the test and the elixir is definitely my favourite. The shampoo and conditioner perform well but with my hair being prone to greasiness I found it still weighed it down a little bit. I think it would be perfect for normal to dry hair as it does create sensationally glossy and healthy looking locks, but for me for everyday use it was too much so I now treat my hair with it just a couple of times a week and it is just what it needs.

quick crap quality snap of the hair today after using the oil last night
The oil on the other hand my hair just loves without getting weighed down or greasy at all. I don't use too much so the bottle will last forever which is good for the price and it makes my hair feel strong shiny and in much better condition ( plus it smells divine!) I use a tiny amount  (it is really thin so be careful when it is coming out of the bottle!) on my damp hair before blow drying but have also used a couple of drops on my dry hair to rescue the ends. I think for £9.99 for 50mls this definitely performs on a par if not better with some for the more expensive oils on the market,if you are looking for soft shiny hair that isn't weighed down- this is the product for you.

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