Friday, 9 August 2013

The Eastpak Wyoming Backpack from

In the last couple of years the way I spend my weekends has really changed, before you wouldn't see me surfacing from my hangover pit till late on the day and that would only be to get to the kitchen to eat EVERYTHING in sight. Nowadays that does still happen but it is a lot rarer as I try to reign in my drinking so I can spend the weekend doing my favourite thing- adventuring. Yup, I love it. I love packing a bag and heading off to pretty much anywhere to walk, explore, shop, snoop among unknown neighbourhoods and just generally see more, learn more and do more.

Over time I have found that to get out early and enjoy the whole day it is good to go prepared so you are pretty much ready for wherever the wind takes you. We always pack a rucksack to take with us which has snacks, water, fold up waterproofs, a little umbrella, sun cream, a cardigan/jumper, plasters, hay fever tablets and anything else we think we might need given the weather. We have used the same ratty old rucksack for ages and are always saying we need a new one but never get round to doing it, so when the lovely team at and asked if I would like to review one of their products it seemed like the perfect opportunity.

After poring over the massive selection on the site ( I had to stop myself from just going for a gorgeous handbag!) we decided the Eastpak Wyoming, in the colour Sunday grey, was perfect for us. It is not too big (but still allowing for 24L of space), stylish, simple, practical with its tough leather base and we loved the fact Eastpak products come with a 30 year guarantee- that is a lot of adventures!

I was really excited for it to arrive ( super quickly I should add) and was even more thrilled with it in person (not as much as Ally- as you can see!), as far as rucksacks go I think it looks super chic and will go with whatever I am wearing. The front pocket is perfect for popping all the permanent items in and the fuss free inside compartment is ready to be filled with whatever we need for each little trip. We actually have a big adventure to Croatia and Venice coming up this month, so this could not arrived a better time, it is going to be perfect for my carry on bag and then our day to day bag while we are there!

I have been eyeing up Eastpak rucksacks since I was young ( schoolbag jealousy!) and am so glad I finally have one. I am now obsessed with some of the other colours on offer- the turquoise would be just right for a gym bag and is definately next on my list. The service from Bagable has been excellent, their site was fast and easy to use and delivery was super quick, I love any site that offers free delivery and returns and the fact they stock Fossil, Fiorelli, North Face, Eastpak and Nica is a huge plus.

I am actually so in love with my Eastpak Wyoming  and can honestly say our little adventure bag has never been a reason for excitement before- there might actually be a fight on who gets to carry it from now on!

This bag was sent free for review but as always all opinions are 100% honest and my own
excellent poses- models own.

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