Monday, 5 August 2013

A Fantasy 48 hours at the Edinburgh Festival

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I am not much of  a competition enterer ( is that even a word?!) I always think “oh someone else will put in a much better entry” so I just don’t bother. Not only is that a terrible attitude but means I miss out on lots of chances to win amazing things too!So when I saw the Premier Inn,Edinburgh Festival competition I knew this would be the one to break the cycle, a prize like this would mean so much to a special someone I know I had to ditch the crappy attitude and throw my hat into the ring, so here we go!

major excitement en route; having a ball on the royal mile; taking his chance on an empty stage; hanging out with Bobby.
My other half Ally has one time of year he loves, not Christmas or birthdays, or even Halloween or bank holidays-  it is the  Edinburgh festival. A HUGE comedy fan, this is his spiritual home.  He often spends his time musing about giving up his job every August and going to live there and just taking it in every single day. We always say if we won the lottery that is exactly what we would do, but when I saw this competition I thought this would be a pretty darn good start to making his dreams come true. We could go for a whole 48 hours on a much budget than what we can afford and not have to leave for the last train- heaven!

So what would I do on our fantasy 48 hours in Edinburgh? Question is what wouldn't I do! With 2871 shows taking place this year across 273 venues, there is just so much to see and take in- you could never be bored! We would probably head through early and drop our stuff off at the Premier Inn on Princes Street, which I would love to stay in as I have always wanted to stay right on Princes Street in the heart of the city. I love the idea of waking up and seeing the castle from the window while still being as close to all the festival action as possible and really submerging ourselves in it.

 We would then head to the Royal Mile to take in the first street performers and grab the first round of flyers from acts keen to sell their shows. I love doing this early on as it means when you stop off for a bite to eat or coffee to perk you up you can peruse what you have been given, often finding some shows you would never have considered going to until you see your fliers or speak to them in person.  Seeing as comedy would be on the agenda, knowing Ally he would have planned out all the names he wants to see first so I would be in charge of organising all the comfort stops. For lunch and dinner I would LOVE to be able to try out the handily placed Wedgewood or the excellently priced set menu at The Grain Store and of course picking up the odd drink or cocktail along the way over at the infamous Bramble or gorgeous looking Raconteur.

 I would schedule in a little stop off back in our handily placed hotel room to freshen up and change ready for a big night out which we can never usually do at the festival because we have to head home.  I would look at getting tickets for us to a big act at night and get my best friend through to join us for drinks and a show. As the festival is the one thing that Ally gets to really throw himself into and go mad with every year, I never really have enough left over to treat my best girl to a trip so with a few extra pennies and hours in the city it would be my dream to get to do it all together, mix our passion for a good musical and Ally's passion for comedy we could go and see the amazing Avenue Q and with our joint interest in stuffing our face with good food and drinks we would soak up the amazing atmosphere in the bustling George Square before trying out the Silent Disco in the Assembly rooms or finally getting to take in one of the infamous late 'n' live comedy shows.

 Having a fantasy 48hrs would mean being able to see some of the performers that caught our eye the days before so it would be amazing to plan our line up for day two over a big breakfast foccaccia at Centotre on George Street. We would then spend the morning taking in more street performers and checking out the amazing stalls up on the Royal Mile. I would be sure to schedule a stop off at Lovecrumbs for a cheeky mid morning coffee and cake for extra energy, we would then be able to fit in a quick visit to my favourite vintage shop, Armstrongs, while we are down in in the Grassmarket too. From there we would be off to wherever the wind takes us, taking in as many shows as possible and exploring acts we have never considered or had the time to take in before.

The festival really is just a whirl wind, I would love to be able to submerge us in it,  pure luxury style for once and not have to jam pack it all into one quick budget trip. The opportunities for where you can end up and who you might meet are endless and I love that about it. You never know maybe our fantasy trip could come true thanks to the lovely Premier Inn team, it is a certain someones birthday this Wednesday and I know this would be the best gift ever, just look how much he doesn't want to be on that last train home...

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