Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Reglaze service at Iwearglasses.com

Since I got my 'geek chic' style glasses early last year I am a total glasses convert- I have gone 25 years with being annoyed at wearing them and now I just cannot get enough! I love how much a good pair can totally change your face or make an outfit and with so many more affordable options now there is no need to just have one pair... or two or three for that matter.

I have long toyed with the idea of adding to my glasses collection with some vintage frames but I have never actually taken the plunge. It wasn't until I was contacted by iwearglasses.com and asked if I wanted to try their reglaze service that I thought-it's a sign!So off I trotted to ebay to find me some cool frames and there are so many on there to choose from. I had already tried on lots of styles in stores when i got my last glasses that I knew what would roughly suit me, so took the gamble on three different vintage cat eye pairs.

I was thrilled with the frames when they arrived so packaged them up straight away and sent them over to get my new lenses fitted at IWG. I entered my prescription details on line (you are giving your prescription at an eye test) paid for the lens package I wanted and then included my form in my parcel. I had a couple of questions and was so impressed with the customer service team who got straight back to me, checked over my prescription details and made sure everything was in place.

They emailed me when the frames arrived at their end and then bam within the week all three pairs were back with me and PERFECT. I had read horror stories about companies being useless with vintage frames and causing damage but the the team there totally put me at ease and I am so happy to say that they dealt with them flawlessly. Iwearglasses.com use Essilor lenses which from my reading are very highly regarded and top quality (some online companies are known to use cheaper options) it sounds silly but I actually had to tap the lens on the first pair put on because they were so clear I wondered if there were lenses in them!

I am absolutely thrilled to bits to have these new pairs in my collection. The care they took of them, the quality of the product and the speed of the service was outstanding, and for glasses fans you really must check them out. The Reglaze service starts from only £9.99 a pair ( it was £60 for my 3 pairs) and that is a total steal considering how cheap you can pick up some frames. I love how you can customise the process choosing lens thickness, various tint options for prescription sunglasses and that they all come scratch resistant and anti reflective coating as standard.

IWG also have an amazing range of new frames on offer and for my lovely readers right now you can get 10% off anything on their site ( including the new glasses) using the code BLOG10. I am already keeping my eyes peeled for my next pair, thanks to the IWG guys and their phenomenal service I can really feel an addiction coming on...


  1. Ahh amazing, I've been looking at some frames on ebay for ages and wanted them reglazed I might have to go out and get them now!

  2. Yes, a good pair of sunglasses can change your entire look. It's good to have one or more pair of sunglasses so that we can wear them according to our outfits.Nice sunglasses.


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