Tuesday, 21 May 2013

INAA.COM and the SHABA awards 2013

I am so organised with most aspects of my life it is infuriating ( especially for poor other half), my levels of spontaneity are hideously low except for in one area… haircuts.

 I go for ages without so much as a trim and then suddenly out  of nowhere I decide I must have it cut and it must be NOW, within the next two hours preferably and regardless of the fact its mid week and I work till half 5! Nothing stops me-I will just trawl the net or hit the streets in the hope of finding somewhere to give me a new do. As you can imagine this has led to a variety of disasters and of course instant regret. No matter how many times I swear I will be more organised and find a good salon next time and plan ahead,  I never do. And so the cycle continued until earlier this year when I had my first experience with INAA.com ( I Need An Appointment) I had been on the site a couple of times since its launch but never actually clicked how useful it could be to someone like me, it lets me put in what kind of treatment I want and when and then shows me all the options available to me and means I can actually choose where I want to go based on the price being offered, reviews or where it is! Basically my dream site and one I am kicking myself for not using before!

My last spontaneous cut announcement saw me paying to have it done at a salon in town called Cruz and I am so glad I did, it was the best haircut I can ever remember having, the stylist Bea was amazing- actually listening to what I want, explaining what she was doing as she went and leaving me feeling amazing and all for £18 at the very last minute, I was thrilled!

All ready for us Scottish Bloggers ( photo from INAA)
I had been meaning to share my experience for ages with you guys when the other week I was actually invited along to an INAA event which reminded me I hadn’t put it on the blog. Held at the beautiful 29 Private Members Club,the event was to launch the announcement of the  finalists for The Scottish Hair and BeautyAwards (SHABA) 2013, something the clever ladies behind INAA set up a couple of years ago and is a fantastic way to celebrate some of the amazing salons and talents we have in the industry here in Scotland. They put on a fabulous event for us lucky Scottish Bloggers and it was a great way to learn more about the company, the awards and some of the products they work in association with such as Lauren Goodger and her Lauren's Way tan line.

gorgeous Ayden getting her hair did thanks to Bumble & Bumble
I found using INAA such a handy tool and I will absolutely be doing it the next time the haircut urge strikes, and not just for that I know now I can use It for all types of treatment from mani’s to massages so make sure you check it out!

If you want to know more about the fabulous SHABA awards then you can check out the finalists HERE. I can't wait to hear who the winners are at the big glam bash on Sunday. A huge thanks to the INAA ladies and the team at Alison James PR for such a fab event.

I am not being compensated in anyway for this post- I really loved using INAA and think it could be incredibly useful for other readers too :)

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