Monday, 22 April 2013

Beauty Speed Dating event with Itison

itison Presents... Speed Beauty

Apologies for being MIA the past couple of weeks, for some reason I decided I just wasn't busy enough and have taken on three short courses to do at the same time! Clearly a mid life crisis ( I am 27 this week- SOB!) that hit at a lunchtime, and before I knew what was happening I had booked and paid for a starter sewing class and jewellery making class  to do on top of the Open University course in nutrition I had already signed up to! Loving them all so far though so can’t complain, just means blogging has had to fall a little by the wayside as I have no other time. Will be back in action shortly though but in the meantime wanted to share this even for any Glasgow lovelies as I think it is a fab idea;


Itison are holding the first Speed Beauty evening at the gorgeous Metropolitan in the Merchant Square, Glasgow, this coming Wednesday and it looks like an amazing  evening is planned. Just like a speed dating event, this night is the perfect opportunity to get to know a variety of beauty brands such as DIY Nails, We are Faux lashes, Hair is for Heroes, Beautiful Brows and the Illamasqua team will be there too. Each brand will take 10 minutes with you- to present their products and give you a ten minute tutorial,you then move around and get to know the next one and at the end of the evening there will be time to head back to the ones you fell in love with most and spend a little more time with them- GENIUS!

Tickets are only £5 available here and include a complimentary vino to enjoy as well- it sounds like my dream evening!

Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend,

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