Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Jewellery Sale picks from Benna.co.uk

A quick trip home to Perth to see my folks at the weekend resulted in a drive up the gorgeous House of Bruar for a mooch about. It is pricey place stocking the best in high end lines so I wasn't expecting to come away with anything until I spotted this little beauty nestled in amongst some sale jewellery and I fell in love (luckily he was massively reduced and my mum bought it for my Birthday in April) it lead me to look up some more info on the designer Alex Monroe who has so many pieces that I am in love with!

Looking up stockists led me to Benna.co.uk a site I had never been on before but they stock some amazing designers and there were so many unusual and gorgeous pieces in their sale I just had to pop some on here for you. 

 Aren't they all so precious? The vintage Chanel necklaces are just stunning and the mask hairband is so unique I think it would be such a gorgeous statement piece for an outift.

Prizes to the site for one of the more random things I have come across- gold plated glue on beauty spots in all different shapes, random!

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend,

I am in now way associated with Benna, I just thought it was a lovely site with good ranges.


  1. Love the necklace at the top! The detail is gorgeous. So cute!



  2. I love the house of Bruar! Just want to eat the whole food hall!!
    Anna x


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