Friday, 22 February 2013

Discount Designer Bags at Handbag Heaven Exchange

Chevron Quilt £1100

I just had to share this site with you as I have been obsessed with perusing their Facebook page since my friend tipped me off about it. If like me you are itching to own a designer bag but can not afford the massive prices then you HAVE to check it out. Run as part charity, The Handbag exchange has a shop in Howe Street,  Edinburgh that has an incredible range of genuine designer bags (and jewellery, accessories and shoes) that they sell on behalf of people and there are some seriously amazing bargains to be had.
Plisse Tote £495
Limited Edition speedy 30  £310 
The ladies at the shop work tirelessly to ensure every item is genuine, using extensive knowledge and brand contacts to verify every one means you can buy peruse in confidence at getting a good deal. I adore the effort they put into it, and I love that it is a place you can both buy and sell designer items in, and most importantly I am a huge fan of the work they do with the charity, The Maggies Centre. They sell donations on behalf of the organisation which do an incredible job of supporting people with cancer and their families.

Lady Cannage in new condition £1250
Lia Sling in new condition £300
Green Stam £280
The best way to keep up to date with the stock they have on offer is to like the Facebook page and they do offer postage ( just enough to cover special delivery) if you want to pay for items over the phone which is perfect for living further away. Although I am itching to get into their store, they have a huge amount of new items coming in each day and many selling within the hour that can't even make it on their site ( I am looking at you Mulberry Bayswaters!) 

The ones I have popped on are just a taster of what they offer - there are lots of bags at cheaper prices and from a range of brands too. It was just too good not to share!!

Have a fab weekend everyone,

I am no way affiliated with handbag heaven i just fell in love with it and felt selfish keeping it to myself :)

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