Thursday, 10 January 2013

Chloe, Pucci, Dior and more at TK Maxx

Tk maxx wants

Among my friends TK Maxx is a completely marmite shop- you fall in to the love it or hate it camp. Often that comes down to the sheer size of the shops and the huge array of products on offer- which can be completely overwhelming to some people. I used to be one of those people, I felt completely lost when I entered a store but over time I have become completely addicted to popping in just to see what goodies I can find. 

For shoes, handbags, household items and skincare/cosmetics it can sometimes throw up some real gems, I love a bargain and I love getting things that I wont find elsewhere. In the last year I have picked some great things from a beautiful mint green Angel Jackson purse to a Michael Kors trench coat and leather jacket while my other half has lapped up there low price sportswear and coats. 

Just in case there are any TK Maxx phobics out there that always find them selves saying "I never find anything good in there" when a friend is showing off a great purchase I thought I show you some of the a incredible designer bargains on their website. It totally cuts out the trawling off all the rails and you can peruse it right from your desk on your lunch hour :) If you have ever wanted to own a piece of designer for a fraction of the price you might just find it here.

I am in now way associated with TK Maxx neither am I being given any kind of payment for writing about them, I just love it in there and love a good bargain :) 


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