Monday, 14 January 2013

Benefit They're Real Mascara

I am a total  Mascara junkie and whenever I have a new one to try out I always instantly want to run home and take off the one I have on so I can start playing around with the new one. Which is exactly what I did when I first got my hands on Benefit's They're Real. However at first play with this I was actually disappointed,  after hearing a lot of hype I was sure this one was going to be up there with my favourite        (Maxfactor false lash effect) but it just seemed to get everywhere and clump my lashes together which is not great when it retails for £18.50.

Fast forward a couple of months and it is a totally different story- this is my everyday mascara and I love it. I found that to work with the more 'wet' texture of the product I just swipe the brush before use on the back of my hand and then when applying if you really wiggle brush through the lashes you will really see results. Using it this way has meant I don't end up with the super annoying mascara on the eyelids or clumpy lashes- instead what I am left with are perfectly dark black , long, separated lashes that don't flake or transfer all day. I am super impressed with They're Real, you can really build it up for a dramatic night time look, I have even gone out with wearing just this mascara- which is a bold statement coming from someone who always layers at least two!

This is me wearing only one quick layer but you can see how dark and separated they look, annoyingly I don't have any snaps of it with a couple of layers but I will update the post when I have some. If you are looking to give a new mascara whirl I totally recommend giving this a try, it may seem pricey but when you think that average high street mascara now sell for £10-12 it is definitely worth the little extra on top and because of the consistency there is no sign of it drying up or running out any time soon.


  1. Oh this is one of my favorite mascaras! It's soo good!!

  2. Every picture I see with this mascara look great... Really want to try it!!! Great review. :)


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