Friday, 14 December 2012

Scottish Bloggers Christmas Party

Happy Friday everyone!

It is still starting to feel a lot like Christmas around Beautyh2t towers, one week of work to go and then freedom to enjoy some home cooking,home drinking and probably more home cooking! look out waistline :)

our organisers captured by the talented Paula
scottish bloggers christmas party 2
photo from the lovely Gillian
This week I headed to Monkey Bar for the Scottish Bloggers Christmas party which was amazing- a huge thanks to Roisin, Gillian and Claire for putting together an amazing night as well as the lovely people at Rox, Yelp and the Monkey Bar for being so supportive.

Photo from the fabulous Claire
We raised a fab £190 for Glasgow Women's Aid in the BEST RAFFLE OF ALL TIME organised by Claire, I have never seen such a fabulous array of prizes before. Being the wonderful blogger I am, I forgot to actually take my camera OR take any photos with my iphone as I was too busy knocking back the vino and gabbing away but you can see some great snaps up on lots of the other ladies blogs;

there will be loads more posts I haven't caught up with yet so I will add to the list!

Didn't manage to get a chance to meet everyone but fingers crossed we can get another meet up sorted soon!

Thanks for a great night everyone,


  1. Such a great post and a great night. Was so good to see/meet everyone! We need to do xmas cards gurl! x

  2. so gutted I missed it, I worked 'til late that night :(
    Looks like a great night!! x


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