Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Recent Empties

I have a shameful backlog of toiletries to use up, honestly It is like I am running my own Boots store out of my storage cupboard ( if only I could earn myself points by using them up!) So i have been on a mission to really try and get through as many things up as I can so i can eventually get down to just the products I use, and want to be using. I could of course just get rid of lots of it but it is that problem of "well I spent money on it so i better use it"- I am my own worse enemy.

Benefit's Porefessional- I have raved about this on the blog often enough and this is my third tube with another one coming straight out of my back up drawer! this is THE go to product for covering up my pores and giving my makeup a more airbrushed look.

Repurchase- Always

Mac Pearl Cream Colour base- I have used this every day since I got my first one a couple of years ago and it has only just ran out! I love a bit of this dabbed on the top of my cheek bones to give a bit of glow and it has become a staple in my routine.It is easy to apply a lovely colour and lasts for ages!

Repurchase- Yes Definately

Marc Jacobs Daisy- I am gutted this is empty, it was a gift from my gorgeous best friend and I have adored wearing it, I am in love with the light scent, I love the bottle and It is definitely one of my favourite ever scents.

Repurchase- Once I have used up other random scents sitting around.

L'oreal Studio Secrets Lash Primer- I love this stuff, I don't know how it hasn't ended up on the blog before as I use it EVERY day, this is my millionth tube!I remember years ago there was the double ended mascaras with white primer at one end, and they were all crap but for some reason this one just works! it just helps gives my lashes the extra bit of length that I need and opens up my eyes. I have back ups of this so only just noticed it doesn't appear to be on Superdrug or Boots website so it *could* be discontinued...... NOOOOOOOOO you can still get it on Amazon and Love Cosmetics though so for now I won't panic yet.

Repurchase- As long as I can!

Dr Hauschka toner- I used to work in a herbalists that sold Dr Hauschka and It was such a hugely popular range. I grew to love the really natural smell of the products and have found this toner really refreshing to use, it is not at all drying. With toners I don't know if I will ever be WOWED with one as such, but this has certainly just worked and helped keep my skin clear and  feeling soft after cleansing.

Repurchase- maybe, but I do have other toners to use up and this is fairly pricey.

Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm- If skin care wonder woman Caroline Hirons loves a product, I simply have to give it a whirl, what she says, goes. I luckily already had a sample size of this from an old glossy box just waiting to be used up before deciding on the full size and it was a whole new experience from other cleaners. Loved the smell, loved applying it and loved how my skin feels afterwards.

Repurchase- asking Santa for it for Christmas so fingers crosssed!

Batiste dark and deep brown hair- I love batiste, I have said it before for many many years and I will continue to say it. I love trying out any new version/scent design that comes out and this is the most recent one designed for brown hair and at first I wasn't too sure about it, and was sure I preferred the original versions as I thought it dried the oil better  but then once I finished the can and went back to one of the original forms I realised I missed the brown formula, it was so much easier for me to blend into my hair!

Repurchase- always in whatever form I love it!

I actually already have more empties stacking up, so proud of myself-I can go out and start buying my next lot yeah?? SOMEBODY STOP ME!!

All products bought with my own pennies or from friends and lovingly used up by me 


  1. I really really REALLY want to try Benefit's porefessional - top of my wish list!!!! MAC's CCB is one of my favourite products ever!! xx

    1. Defo worth trying out in the shop, i love patting a little on at night over my foundation if am going out after work and it just makes it looks freshly done!xx

  2. I am forcing myself to use up my tube of Benefit Porefessional because it just does nothing for me and my huge pores!

    1. oh no! that is such a shame, so far its the only thing that works for me- of course being fickle I am always looking for an even better one :) xx


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