Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Luxurious Volume with John Frieda

I have been on the hunt for a while for a shampoo that would really thicken up my hair and give it that ‘POW’ volume I am after.  I have tried a few shampoos and products based pretty much on what’s on offer and what is cheap in Boots but not had any major luck so far. So I was really pleased when John Frieda asked me to give their luxurious volume range a whirl, it couldn't have come at a better time.

In the range there is the Luxurious Volume Shampoo and Conditioner and the Blow Dry Spray which have all really impressed me. Every time I try a new hair product my fear is always the same- that it will weigh my hair down and make my already grease prone hair even worse. I didn't need to worry with this at all, even though it left my hair feeling incredibly moisturised and light it didn't make it feel greasy at all and that is even with using some of the Luxurious volume conditioner. I know- I actually used a conditioner that didn't make me instantly want to wash my hair again! I usually avoid the stuff like the plague!

After using the combination of the shampoo and conditioner I was really pleasantly surprised by how may hair looked after blow drying- it looked much fuller and thicker and it lasted all day without turning into my usual greasy mess. I think for the price (£5.89 for 250ml) this is a fabulous shampoo that I have totally passed by before, but won't be doing it again.

rubbish snap of my hair (with curls put in) after using the shampoo and conditioner
With the blow dry spray I was a little apprehensive at first thanks to my previous disasters with products like this, using too much/ not enough and it just ending up caking my do and making it more sticky than full of volume. I am happy to report this blow dry spray was nothing like that and pretty full proof to use, a spritz of product on the roots before blow drying and I could really see an increase in volume right on the crown where I want it, and it didn't weight the hair down what so ever or become a sticky mess. I find this spray perfect for a night out and I have already gone out and bought the miniature version ( I LOVE a miniature) to pop in my toilet bag for taking on trips with me.

Right now at you can get John Frieda products on 3 for £10 which is fab value and the perfect time to give the range a whirl. I have my eyes on the John Frieda Luxurious Volume Mousse next as I haven't ever used a decent mousse before and the Volume Refresher Spray is on the wish list as it looks like it could be perfect for using between work and a night out!

Have you tried any of the John Frieda ranges before? any product recommendations?

Sample sent for review- all opinions are as always my own.

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