Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Hobbs, Whistles and Mulberry thanks to Oxfam

There are a few sites I check regularly and the Oxfam online shop is one of them that I realised other people might not know existed so I wanted to share. Charity shop mooching is one of my favourite past times, I love that every time you go in it is a different experience and you don't know what you will find. I quite often pop into the various ones right around the corner from my flat and have got lots of good bargains recently, a Benetton wool coat, Tula leather handbag, vintage Frank Usher top, Harris Tweed blazer and a beautiful unused leather satchel- not bad at all! 

I am not restricted to local charity shops however as I can browse some excellent pieces donated Oxfam on their online shop which I love. You can really tell the people behind the items are taking time to select the best items and selling them at a really fair price, so that the charity shop are getting a good amount for the quality of some items while still offering the customer a great price. 

Just in my lunch hour today I came across a whole load of amazing goodies that they have currently waiting to be snapped up from Hobbs to Mulberry...

Armani Jumper 29.99 link 
Mulberry Handbag £150 link
Whistles Sze 8 Brown Coat 34.99 link
Lulu Guinness Handbag £120 link
Hobbs Tweed Trench Coat Sz 10 £100 link
This  is just a tiny portion of what they have on offer in their online shop ( they even have a vintage section!) that has so much more like beautiful sewing machines, gorgeous vintage tea sets, retro suitcases like this and unique vintage bags like this.

So while you are doing Christmas shopping this year and fancy something different while doing your bit for charity I totally recommend checking the site out.

Happy Shopping!

I have not been asked to post about this site by anyone and am not being compensated to write this in any way, I just think its an amazing resource for unique pieces.


  1. This close to buying the lulu guinness bag....this god damn close. x

  2. Wow, I never check the Oxfam shop as regularly as I should. Some great bargains :D



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