Monday, 12 November 2012

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I have worn glasses since I was in playgroup, to be honest though for the first 18 years of my life I did nothing but avoid having to wear said glasses and cursed the very thought of them  This refusal was partly to do with the awful free NHS glasses that were my only options then, they were thin, wiry and unflattering squares that had terrible floral patterns on the sides that just looked awful on my big chubby face! 

Since then the options for glasses have grown massively with high street chains being able to offer good buy one get one free deals on some seriously cool frames. But even with all the deals it can still feel like a big expense and not the most fun one to spend your hard earned pennies on. Well now thanks to you can get yourself a new pair of prescription glasses for FREE- you only need to pay the postage!

I was pretty sceptical about ordering glasses online for such a good price but after giving the service a go I can report back that it is REALLY good. I went for these tortoises shell  frames as I do love the geek chic look and I thought these looked 'expensive' too. I have the prescription card from my last eye test which has all the details you need for ordering and the lenses are perfect- no different from my £80 pair. I have also been really impressed with the customer service with the team there being really helpful with any questions and help with ordering.

I was so impressed with these when they arrived, the prescription is perfect, they are excellent quality and they come with a hard box, a soft carry case, cleaning cloth AND a little tool for tightening screws along with spare screws which I thought was excellent attention to detail considering you are getting this first pair for free.

 I have finally gotten into wearing my glasses and actually making them part of my outfit,  and thanks to the prices on Firmoo I can get myself a few different pairs so I have lots of choices.

 They have also just added an amazing new designer range that is sadly not in the free trial however each frame is only $68 with free shipping which works out as £42 which is great for such gorgeous looking frames

To find out more about the free glasses for first time buyers just click HERE and there is this handy video that will show you just how to do it...

Glasses sent free for review- but you can get yours free too :)

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